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A Lesson in Faith

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A Lesson in Faith


Chinna Kistna Saheb was very devoted to Vishnu from his boyhood. Even from his younger days, he used to sit for long in one asana yogic posture) meditating on his chosen deity. This went on till, in his twenty-first year, (about 1910), he had three successive dream-visions in one night. At first he experienced his separation from his physical body and before him was the divine form of Lord Vishnu. A second time the same vision recurred but this time there was someone else standing beside him. Lord Vishnu pointed to that stranger and said, ‘This Sai Baba of Shirdi is your man; you must resort to Him.” In the third vision he again left his physical body and drifted in the air to some village.

There he saw someone and asked him for the name of the village and was told that it was Shirdi. Then he enquired whether there was a holy man by name Sai Baba in that village. The stranger led him to a mosque where Chinna Kistna saw Sai Baba seated leaning against its wall with his legs stretched before Him. On seeing Chinna Kistna, Sai Baba got up and said, “Do you take my darshan? I am your debtor. I must take your “darshan” and placed His head reverently on Chinna Kistna’s feet. Then the vision ended. Though he saw Sai Baba’s picture earlier, he never knew that Sai Baba’s most characteristic manner of sitting was with His legs stretched out before Him. Shortly after, Chinna Kistna went to Shirdi to verify whether Baba was his destined Guru as the dream seemed to indicate. When he actually saw Baba, a doubt arose in his mind whether it would be proper to worship a man like Him.

At once Baba said, “What do you worship a man for?” The rebuff was keen and to the point. When nothing more happened to confirm his dream Chinna Kistna was a bit dissatisfied. Later, in the afternoon, when every other devotee retired to his room, Chinna Kistna made bold to visit Sai, though it was thought that no one should visit Baba at that hour. Baba, far from getting angry, beckoned to him. Chinna Kistna approached Him and bowed in reverence. At once Sai Baba hugged him with love and said, “You are my child. When others (i.e., strangers) are present, we (i.e., saints like Me) keep off the children.” Thus was the man’s dream confirmed.

On another afternoon Baba embraced him and said, “The key of my treasury is now placed in your hands. Ask anything you want.” “Then Baba”, said shrewd Chinna Kistna, “I want this. In this and in any future birth that may befall me, You should never part from me. You always be with me.” Baba patted him joyously and said, ‘Yes, I shall be with you, inside you and outside you, whatever you may be or do.”

There is one instance to show how, when Chinna Kistna’s heart was yielding to some other love, Baba asserted His monopoly over it. Many years later, Chinna Kistna’s child died and his wife was disconsolate. With the dead child in his lap Chinna Kistna sat on with a grief-stricken heart. Baba at once appeared before him and said,” Do you want me or the dead child? Choose! You cannot have both. If you want me to revive the child, I will; but then you will have Me no more with you. If you do not ask for the revival of this one, you will have several children in due course.’ Then Chinna Kistna said that he wanted Him only. “Then do not grieve”, Baba said and vanished.

Another confirmation of his earlier dream-vision that Chinna Kistna was Baba’s man: When he visited a great saint of Poona named Sri Madhava Nath, on seeing Chinna Kistna, at once said, “You are Sai Baba’s Man.”

In 1912 Chinna Kistna visited Baba on the holy Guru Purnima day. Seeing other devotees offering garlands and other gifts to Baba he realized how unfortunate he was in that he did not remember to get any gift to the saint. At once Baba said to him, “All these are yours!”, and He pointed at the bundle of garlands offered to Him by other devotees. Thereby Baba hinted that the heart’s loving desire to offer is of greater value than a formal physical offering.

By HH Pujya Sri B V Narasimha Swamiji



Baba answers your prayers



Baba answers your prayers


On 10th September 1998, a neatly dressed young man came with a friend, attended the noon pooja at our Sai Mandir in Virar, Mumbai. After the arathi was over, he was still gazing at Baba and was wiping tears from his eyes. I watched him for some time and inquisitively talked to him. He told me that his name was TVS Prasad, a BE graduate and was working as a Senior Manager in a company. His parents, wife and children were all in his native place in Andhra Pradesh. He came to Mumbai as he was interviewed for a position in a Saudi Arabian firm. Unfortunately, the agent cheated him by taking his money, passport and vanished. He was now in a difficult situation as he could neither go back to his previous assignment nor could look forward to the Saudi assignment. Left with no choice, he was doing some piece job right now and staying with a friend and saving money to get a job.

He made a request. He wanted me to visit his parents in Andhra on his behalf and tell them his predicament. He would bear my expenses for his trip. He did not wish to get back to them till he got a job. I convinced him that I was a stranger and his people may or may not believe my words and it would be better if he himself visited them and explain the predicament. I told him to sincerely pray to Sai Baba who would certainly do the needful.

I invited him and his friend to our house for lunch. For me it was Sai Baba himself coming to my place and accepting prasad. He visited the Sai Mandir the next day also. Then several months passed and there was no trace of this devotee. I thought that he might have gone back to his native place or might have got a job elsewhere.

Then, one fine morning I received a closed cover. The postal stamp was from Riyadh. It was a letter from this gentleman. He wrote to me: “By the blessings of Sai Baba, my ambition has been fulfilled. I am now employed in Digital Computers in Riyadh. I will personally go and meet my people, etc.” He had thanked me for the solace I had given him. Baba never fails His devotees. What the devotee wishes, he will get it from Him.

By S. Mani


Blessed Devotee who Experienced Baba’s Miracle before 1918 Baba visited new house gruhapravesh of His devotee



Blessed Devotee who Experienced Baba’s Miracle before 1918

Baba visited new house gruhapravesh of His devotee


Baba asked Purandare to build a house, for himself and his family, at his own expense. Purandare, with great difficulty, bought land in the desolate Bandra suburb. He started construction, but was plagued by severe headaches. Unable to bear it anymore, he wrote to Baba, pleading that, instead of giving him such unbearable pain, He had better put and end to his life. This letter he gave Dr. Pillai, with the request to give it to Baba. Upon the receipt of the letter, Baba’s heart melted and He sent some Udi and snuff like powder in a small packet. He asked Purandare to inhale it, and Purandare did just that and the headache was gone. A few days later, he wrote to Baba, asking Him when he should do ‘Gruha-Pravesh’. Baba replied, “You may perform ‘Gruha – Pravesh’ on Thursday. I too will come along with you.”

So, on Thursday, Purandare made ‘naivedya’ for Baba. Then with Baba’s photograph clasped to his chest, he proceeded to the house. Being rather poor, he couldn’t have an elaborate ‘Pooja’ and rituals. As long as Baba’s photograph was there first with naivedya, everything would go well, he thought. To his surprise, as he was walking past the Datta Mandir, he saw Baba there. Baba accompanied him to the new house, till Purandare reverentially placed Baba’s photograph on as ‘aasan’ and then vanished.


Leela- 67 in Ambrosia in Shirdi – Part-I

(Baba’s Leelas before 1918)


Blessed Devotee who Experienced Baba’s Miracle before 1918 – Baba gave that extra money



Blessed Devotee who Experienced Baba’s Miracle before 1918

Baba gave that extra money


Kaka Dixit wished to purchase some land from Laxman Bhat in Shirdi in 1910. Bhat demanded Rs.200/-, but Dixit was unwilling to pay that amount. He thought that Rs.150/- was a fair bargain. So he set about convincing Bhat. But, Bhat was adamant and Dixit was unwilling to compromise. A long discussion took place between them. That afternoon, Bhat was passing by the Dwarkamai. Baba called him and enquired about the discussion. “What discussion was going on between you and Dixit?”He asked. Bhat told Baba everything. Baba settled the matter by saying, You may sell the land for Rs.175/-.”

Bhat went to Dixit to collect the money. Dixit as per his word gave Rs.150/- unknowingly, as he wasn’t aware of the agreement between Baba and Bhat. Bhat also did not tell Dixit. He just took the money and went home.

At home, he counted once, then again and again, to his surprise it was Rs.175/-, the amount that was settled by Baba.

Be it an extra photograph or extra money, Baba sees that His devotees are satisfied.


Leela- 62 in Ambrosia in Shirdi – Part-I

(Baba’s Leelas before 1918)


Surrender five – if you want Brahman



Surrender five – if you want Brahman


A rich man came to Baba with plenty of money in his pocket and very anxious to avoid the extra expenditure resulting from the cabman’s demand for prolonged stay at Shirdi. He said to Baba, “Baba shows me God (Brahman). It is for this I come all this long way. People say that Shirdi Baba reveals Brahman quickly.”

Baba: O, do not fear. Immediately and clearly I will show you. This is not a matter that can be put off. It is hard to get questioners seeking illumination like vou. Most people seek wealth, cure of disease or trouble, honour, position or perpetual pleasure and other earthly objects. None wants God. Oh, I long to see those, who long to see God. Now, Brahman is the root cause of the Universe: That which accounts for Solar and Planetary motions, variations of seasons, division of functions between God etc. One must know i.e. realise Brahman before death. Else there will be an ever recurring cycle of births and deaths. Realisation gives ‘Kevala Advaita Sukham’. A Guru gives it and only a Guru can.

Baba then turned to some others and then sent a boy out with these words: “Go, tell Nandalal Marwadi, Baba urgently wants a hand-loan of Rs.5/- and bring the money.” The boy went and found the Marwadi, absent. Baba sent more messages to absent men. The rich man was getting impatient at Baba’s omission to give him Atmajnan or sight of God, more especially because delays would mean extra payment to the tongawalla whom he had engaged for the return journey also. He saw, of course, that Baba wanted Rs.5/- and he could stop the repeated requests of Baba for Rs.5/- by paying it out of the Rs.250 he had in his pocket; but he was oppressed with the fear that if he advanced the loan, it might prove irrecoverable.

Rich Man.: Will you help me to grasp Brahman?

Baba: You see what I have been doing all this while, is to enable you to see God-Even as you are now seated. Have you understood nothing? I want five. One must surrender the five to get at Brahman. One must surrunder i.e. Even the five senses (indriya) the five Pranas and manas, Buddhi, Ahankar (Mind, Intellect and Ego)-(all of which involve Vairagya i.e., detachment). The road to Brahma Jnana is hard to tread. All cannot tread it. When it dawns, there will be light. One who feels unattached to things terrestrial and celestial is alone; competent to have Brahmajnan.

The man found that Baba had read his strong Attachment to Rs.5/- which he considered more important than getting Brahmajnana Upadesa


(Baba’s Charters and Sayings # 133)


Blessed Devotee who Experienced Baba’s Miracle before 1918 – No door is necessary for My entry



Blessed Devotee who Experienced Baba’s Miracle before 1918

No door is necessary for My entry


He desperately prayed to Baba to help him. There was a devotee who was a clerk in the customs’ office. One day a bundle of custom bills were checked and verified by his officer and given to him. He was sure that he had kept them safely in the drawer of his desk. Knowing that the officer would recall them later, he wanted to keep them ready on his desk. But to his utter dismay, there were not to be found. He made a thorough search, but could not trace them. He feared a reprimand, or worse still, the loss of his job. So he prayed to Baba. That day passed without his officer asking for the bills.

The next day, rather scared, he went to the office and found the bills neatly placed on his table. He racked his brains as to who could have done this, as he was the last person to leave and the first to enter the office. He remembered locking the office in the evening before leaving and opening it in the morning.

Who but Baba could have entered the closed office and done this!!

Leela- 55 in Ambrosia in Shirdi – Part-I

(Baba’s Leelas before 1918)


Blessed Devotee who Experienced Baba’s Miracle before 1918 – Alerting and Averting The Theft


Blessed Devotee who Experienced Baba’s Miracle before 1918

Alerting and Averting The Theft


Plague raged in Pimpalgaon, Baswanth, Nasik District. Waman C. Munge, a lawyer, moved his family to his farmhouse. One night, a theft was in progress in his house. The thieves had cleverly made a hole in the wall. Munge was sleeping peacefully, and on the wall above, hung Baba’s photograph.

One of the thieves entered the room and taking a small box that lay below the bed, passed it to his accomplice who was outside. The box contained cash of Rs.200/-, but had some promissory notes, worth Rs.4000/-. Next, the thief was in the process of lifting a huge trunk that was in front of the cot. This trunk was valuable as it contained the family jewelry, worth about Rs.10,000/-. Baba was watching all this from the photograph above the bed.

At that very instant, Baba appeared in his dream, woke him and warned him of the theft. So, he started shouting at the top of his voice. His sister-in-law also joined him. The commotion woke the whole family, the servants and the watchman. They chased the thieves who escaped, or so it seemed.

The next day, the small box was found, lying in the field nearby. The cash, however, was missing, but the promissory notes were intact. On that day, he had a dream vision, in which he saw Baba, Abdul and another Fakir (Abdul’s Guru). Subsequently, he visited Shirdi and saw the Trio there.

Some days later, Shri Datta Brahmachari of Kopargaon, visited him for lunch. He told Munge that the lost property was recovered. The police had raided a Marwari, and confiscated many stolen goods from him. The police officer also arrived at Munge’s house and informed him of the raid. Subsequently, with proper identification, he recovered his money.

Leela- 53 in Ambrosia in Shirdi – Part-I

(Baba’s Leelas before 1918)


Baba given darshan to Shri Doraiswamy Naidu Trichy.



Baba given darshan to Shri Doraiswamy Naidu Trichy.


I know about Shri Sai Baba’s miracles and powers and learnt the same through my master A. S. Gopalakrishna lyer, after his return from Shirdi in the month of January.

For the past six months I have seen Baba five times in the Depot and three times in my master’s house at Tennure and once in my house.

When He appeared for the first time at about 4 A.M. in the morning he appeared as a boy of five years woke me up saying “It is already late get up and commence your daily routine work”. Two or three times, I saw Baba at the Depot with Bhajana party at about 2 A.M. in the night always accompanied by “Anjaneya” by his side. Once, he told me that “He is going to Dindigul” and asked me to accompany him and I went to Dindigul and then returned. By this time, I woke up and so I am unable to explain as to what happened at Dindigul. Another time, he gave me sugar candy and rose flowers and wrote something on my chest. On another day there was a good music party with a lot of ladies taking part in it.

At my master’s house with Anjaneyar twice, coming from the puja room to the centre hall and then taking His seat on the plank of the mirror where Baba’s picture was kept and worshipped during the last Samajam day. Anjaneyar Himself was seated by the side of Baba on the floor. I saw Baba seated on the plank for about a few minutes and then He vanished. This happened in my waking state at about 8-30 P.M. And another time also at about 8-30 P.M. Baba came alone wandered in the centre hall and then vanished in the adjoining room.

When Baba appeared in my Master’s house, two children were suffering from typhoid and the rest of the children were suffering from itch and Baba directed that no medicine need be given to the children and it is enough if UDI is given twice a day both in the morning and in the evening and said they would automatically recover and be right after a few days time. Accordingly my master stopped medicine even though the temperature of the children ranged from 102° to 105° and administered UDI twice a day and the children recovered and they are now hale and healthy due to Baba’s miraculous powers. He also further informed me that he is taking care of all the children and the other members of my masters house who he said are all His children. In my own house at about 2 A.M. in the night, 4 or 5 days ago when I was suffering from severe pains in my waist, Baba appeared to me and gave me UDI and asked me to take it and said I will be alright. Accordingly, I took the UDI and I was relieved of the pain immediately and now I am alright.

Surrender Shri Sai Completely! Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there!!

(Ambrosia in Shirdi – Stories after Baba’s Maha Samdhi on 15-10-1918 – Written by Ramalinga Swamy, Ambrosia-48)


Coin Worship & Prosperity

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Coin Worship & Prosperity


It 1908 Balakrishna Ramachandra Khairikar going into the mosque trod upon a coin, a quarter anna piece, picked it up and gave it to Baba.

Balakrishna Ramachandra Khairikar: Baba, this is your coin. Keep it safe.

Baba (returning it): That is all right. Take this coin home. Keep it in your puja along with the images you, worship.

Balakrishna Ramachandra Khairikar worshipped it for three years and had prosperity. He then lost the coin and also prosperity.


(Baba’s Charters and Sayings # 162)


Blessed Devotee who Experienced Baba’s Miracle before 1918 – With Baba, Pain is Gain


Blessed Devotee who Experienced Baba’s Miracle before 1918

With Baba, Pain is Gain


Baba once asked Kaka to accompany Him to Nimgaon, knowing full well that his left leg was hurting. On that occasion, Kaka had such excruciating pain, that he could hardly limp, even a furlong. But Kaka being the perfect devotee, said, “Yes Baba”, and got up. Kaka of course knew that his Guru had a plan for him. They both set out to Nimgaon, a distance of 6 km, to and fro. Over the dusty and bumpy road, they walked. But there was not a trace of pain in Kaka’s leg. When Kaka came back to Shirdi, he found that the pain had completely gone

Leela- 60 in Ambrosia in Shirdi – Part-I

(Baba’s Leelas before 1918)