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TIRUMANTIRAM – TANTRA NINE – Verses 3026 to 3047 of 3047

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English translation of the Tamil Spiritual Classic by Saint Tirumular

TANTRA NINE – Verses 3026 to 3047 of 3047


3026: When Jiva Unites in Siva

Siva Bhoga there will be;

Unto it will be added a Light

That suffuses sentient knowledge;

The body by Mayaic experience harassed,

Will yours be, controlled full;

The Jiva’s pervasiveness

Will everywhere spread.


3027: Omniscience and Omnipresence in Siva-Jiva Union

There is no one place where I can seek

That Object I have known;

Taking to the astral way,

There as Perfection, will it appear;

Seeking within the body,

There a Living Light will it be;

You then becomes omniscient and omnipresent.


3028: Seek Inner Light and Be One in Lord

In the sea-girt world filled with sorrows,

Seek Inner Light in life here led,

The Lord resides within this body,

May you meet Him ever,

On the waves of Seas High.


3029: His Infinite Compassion For Jiva

He is the Light within the Lights Three-

Sun, Moon and Fire;

He is their Body too

He the Lord of Celestials;

Yet leaving luminosities,

He follows Jivas in expanses vast

In compassion great;

He the One as several proliferates.


3030: Jiva Becomes a Flaming Light

Entangled in crusted Karma;

That with their birth came;

They in the end realized Him,

And golden became;

He is the Spark within the spark of light,

The Being Divine,

If you reach Him,

A flaming Light you shall be.


3031: He is the Spark of Jnana in Ajna

He is the Divine Spark

Inside desires stands;

He is the Divine Spark,

Into the Three Lights-Sun, Moon and Fire-waxes,

He is the Divine Spark,

In the Fore-head Center as our Thought seated,

The Tapasvins great, too, unto Him stand.


3032: His is the Voice that Voices All

He is the Lord,

He is all in directions ten,

He is the seven expansive sea-girt worlds too,

Thus pervading,

He is the Speaker that speaks all.

(Thus the Jiva Siva Becomes.)


3033: He Has No Entry, Exit and Stay

He is unto the Garuda Bird, that in an instant sees all;

He protects the seven worlds entire,

He removes my Karmas,

He, the Pure One, the Birthless One,

He has Going, Coming and Mingling none.


3034: He Pervades All Worlds Alike

He is of the rich matted locks,

He is of hue golden,

Unattached He is,

Yet immanent in all He is,

He is omnipresent, birthless, the Holy God,

Unintermittent He stands,

In all worlds seven.


3035: He is Within the Flower’s Fragrance

Sentience He is, Life He is

Union He is, Senses He is

Continuity beyond Thought He is,

Within the Fragrance of the Flower He is.


3036: He Comprehends All

The Holy One,

Devoid of odor of Senses Five,

My Father;

The Bounteous One, all Jnana gives;

In the precious wisdom of Vedic sages

Diverse He stands,

Comprehending all.


3037: He is Light in the Eye of Jivas

He is Heavenly Being

He is beyond the worlds seven;

He is this earth too;

He is cool unto seven ocean waters

That this globe girdles;

He stands in Jivas united,

As Light in their eye.


3038: His Limitless Expansiveness

He stood as Brahma and Vishnu,

He stood as heaven and earth,

He stood stretching

To the farthest mountains and seas seven,

He stood as Ripe Rich Fruit too.


3039: He is Jiva and Master of Jiva

He is Lord of Worlds,

The Holy One, my Father,

He is Master Mahout,

Of Jivas all,

He is Jivas themselves too,

He is the Lord,

Whom all in endearment hold.


3040: He is the Spark of Life and Thought Within

He is Spark of Prana-breath within,

He is the Luminous Sun in firmament high,

He is the Breath of Wind that blows on land,

He is the Thought within all.


3041: He Effected Union With Jiva

In the orderly way of numerals and letters

The Lord created music and melody;

In His Glance, in His Thought, from within,

He effected rapturous union of Jiva and Siva,

Into one Family united.


3042: He is the Center of All

The cardinal directions eight,

The worlds above and worlds below,

In Him centering stood;

Thus, immanent in all, He pervaded all;

He of the flowing matted locks,

Bedecked with fragrant Konrai blooms.


3043: He is One and Many

The Lord is with creation all

None know His coming and going,

He is distant, He is near;

He is constant, He is Sankara,

He is the Primal Being;

Multiple He is, One He is,

He Our Primal Lord.


3044: He Knows All; But None Knows Him

He is Jiva’s knowledge,

He is the Ancient One,

Yet none know how He is;

In the universes eight all,

He knows all,

-He the Nandi, Our Lord Primal.


3045: He is Deathless

Water, earth, sky, fire and wind,

The spark of light within the body,

-All these He is;

He is Paraparam, He is Siva, Our Lord,

He is the walking Jiva here below,

Deathless He is.


3046: Tirumular’s Songs, Mantras and Instructions Have But One Import

The Three Times Thousand that Mula composed,

The Three Times Hundred Mantras that Mula chanted,

The Three Times Ten Instructions that Mula gave,

These Three that Mula said

Are all, all, of one import.



3047: Long May They Be

Long may they be, Long may they be, our Nandi’s Holy Feet!

Long may they be, Long may they be, the Feet of Him who severed Malas!

Long may they be, Long may they be, the Feet of Him of Divine Jnana;

Long may they be, Long may they be, the Feet of Him who has Mala none.





TIRUMANTIRAM – TANTRA NINE – Verses 3005 to 3025 of 3047

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English translation of the Tamil Spiritual Classic by Saint Tirumular

TANTRA NINE – Verses 3005 to 3025 of 3047

3005: Primal Lord is Everywhere-Above, Middle and Below

The Primal Lord is Our Lord,

He is the Light Resplendent of Spaces Vast,

He is the Lights Three-Sun, Moon and Fire;

The Primal Lord is beyond universes all,

He is below them and between them too.


3006: Lord Seeks Those Who Seek Him

Great is He, rising above macrocosm vast,

Subtle is He, within the fleshly body to births an heir,

As His devotees see the vision of His Holy Feet,

And walk toward Him,

He goes seeking them,

On their way.


3007: He Created All

All worlds by vast oceans girt

He, my Lord, filled pervasive;

In omniscience over-seeing all;

Of yore He created, all, entire,

And stood diffusing His golden hue,

In worlds everywhere.


3008: He Protects All

Through successive aeons several,

He stood as Paraparan Supreme;

All worlds He stood protecting

And this world too, as Paraparan Supreme;

This they know not;

He stood pervading the Jivas too,

Immanent in them and transcending them.


3009: He Pervades as Prana Breath

He is the Mighty God to adore,

None beside Him are;

He is the Sense, the Feel, the Sound, and Sound’s End;

He is the Body, too, of Jiva,

As Prana breath,

He the Lord is immanent in all.


3010: All Emanate From Him Alone

If directions cardinal are all of Siva,

Why speak of someone else, O! you men!

All smoke from Fire emanates,

All creation from our Primal Lord arises.


3011: The Pervasive Siva is Here as Well

The infinite spaces of the Seven worlds

He filled in oneness, expanding limitless;

Yet is He not easy of reach;

Siva Himself into myriad Jivas pervaded

In this world as well, He our Lord.


3012: He is Transcendental and Immanent

Beyond the Kalas Three He stands,

Seek Him;

He is the Lord;

He is the Master of Tattvas,

Priceless is He;

Peerless is He;

Beyond Celestials all is He;

Ageless is He;

Yet is He within you,

You but seek Him.


3013: He Redeems Jiva in Love

He severed Pasas

Of this world Brahma created;

He severed belittling desires

Vishnu to Jiva gives;

He severed Karmas interminable,

In His infinite divinity;

Thus me, the lowly, He redeemed,

And in endearment exceeding held me to Him.


3014: He Spreads Like Flower’s Fragrance

The Lord is the Light that moves directions eight;

He is the source of all Sound;

He is the eternal;

As on one land,

The nine universes He pervaded;

Unto the flower’s fragrance,

He spread everywhere.


3015: He is Interminal Light Beyond Words

He is and He is not; my Lord;

Break your stony heart and there He is;

Ancient is He, Pure is He, Constant is He, Pure Gem is He;

He is Light beyond speech

Interminable is he.


3016: He is Bounteous

Within heart is He,

Without, too, He says, “I am;”

The inscrutable Lord;

Nandi of fragrant matted locks;

Those who adore Him constant

Their sea of birth He severs;

He, of Bounteous Magnificence.


3017: He Transforms Celestial Beings

The Devas and Danavas* conflicting

Alike adore Him and daily seek Him;

They yearn for Him,

Within their heart and without;

He transforms them into Beings different,

He, the Lamp of Divine Light.


3018: He is Endless Bliss

He appears not in heavenly space,

Yet Form He has;

He is not visible to naked eye,

Yet is He visible to inner eye;

He is the fruit of music;

He is the goodly One;

He is the fruit of all good deeds;

Endless Bliss is He,

He our Lord.


3019: None Knows Him Full Well

The Noble One is He,

A Sea of Joy beloved by all,

He is the Radiance of Pearl pure,

He is Dark-blue Throated,

Him they contemplate over time immeasurable,

The Siddhas holy and Celestials exalted,

Yet full well they know Him not.


3020: Adore Lord

Many are the hues, so is the Lord,

Many are the goodly deeds, so is the pleasure;

Many are the vile deeds, so are the iniquities

They see all these,

Yet they adore not the Lord.


3021: Lord is Benevolent Like Rain

Here He is, there He is, everywhere He is,

In all worlds He is, the Holy Lord;

In darkness He is, Light He is;

In sun He is, in moon He is, everywhere He is;

Benevolent is Lord,

Unto the rain that falls.


3022: He is Cosmic Awareness

He is Sentience, He is Gracious

Wisdom subtle is to know Our Lord;

He is embrace, He is union

In divine awareness,

He stood as Body Cosmic.


3023: His Supreme Might

By His Might He supports worlds seven,

By His Might He is sublter than atom,

By His Might He surpasses

The eight mountain ranges in directions eight,

By His Might, the oceans roar.


3024: Lord Appears in Prayer and Penance

My Lord is of infinite greatness,

Yet is He within the littleness of this fleshly body;

Beyond the ken of Celestials is He;

Yet in prayer and penance

He Himself shall appear to you.


3025: Fruit of Jnana

The shoot of tiny banyan seed,

As a mighty tree within foul body grew,

And rich ripe fruit it bore;

They who ate, forever remained to be;

The fools who did not,

Remained in body,

Tossed about from birth to birth.


TIRUMANTIRAM – TANTRA NINE – Verses 2982 to 3004 of 3047



English translation of the Tamil Spiritual Classic by Saint Tirumular

TANTRA NINE – Verses 2982 to 3004 of 3047



2982: Lord is in Body Land

Mounting the Chariot of Mind

They seek the Divine Juggler;

Knowing not whether He went,

They bewail;

Wandering in lands and kingdoms far and near,

I saw Him in this fleeting Body-Land.


2983: Glorious Reward of Prayer

Who were they,

Unto mountain on kingly elephant sat,

And to sweet music accompanying, in procession went?

Of yore, they chanted the Primal Lord’s name in fervor

And so attained the status exalted.


2984: I See not My Father

The Pearl of pearls,

The Lovely Sun rising at dawn,

The Lord whom all Celestials adore,

My Father;

I see not and rave;

A mad man, they think, I am.


2985: He Entered in Me

He entered in me,

He our Holy Lord,

He entered in me,

He the Lord of Jnana’s Flower,

He entered in the hearts of His devotees,

Him I adore, who entered in me.


2986: He is Seen in the Mind-Mirror

He appears not in the glasses of the fleshly eye;

He is in the Lotus of the Heart;

He appears in the glass of Vedic Jnana;

He is in the mind-glass of the righteous that think of Him,

Him I saw in the glass of songs

Listening to that Divine Music,

I enraptured stand.


2987: Chant “Aum” Incessantly

Chant, the Lord’s name, a thousand times,

A thousand blessings shall yours be;

They who chant the lovely “Aum” a thousand times,

Are rid of a thousand thousand passions, away.


2988: Ajapa

I praise, I laud

Jnana that is our Refuge;

I adore Holy Feet of Lord,

Constant in my thought;

I expound Siva Yoga;

Hearken you!

I chant the One Letter (Aum),

Dear to our Lord.


2989: Practise Yoga

In ways diverse, do seek Nandi;

Penetrating the Lotus within and going beyond,

You shall reach the Celestial world,

Having drunk of the nectar there, you shall return;

Sweet, sweet exceeding indeed, it is.


2990: Devotees More Rewarded Than Celestials

He came and stood before His devotees,

He the Rare Truth;

Even if the Celestials and their King Indra ask

What will they get, but the music of lovely damsels?

But that which devotees get is beyond all their heaven.


2991: Still Your Thoughts and Be Purified

Unto muddied water these men’s minds are,

Unclear in vision,

They see not and say, “This is Lord;”

From the heart’s lake within,

Draw a pitcherful,

And keep it in stillness apart;

When you thus purify it,

You shall become Siva.


2992: Yearn For Him

He of the Penance Pure;

Transparent as amla fruit

On palm of those who yearn for Him;

He the Pure One,

Whom Celestials seek in ways righteous;

Him, my Lord, I sought;

And thus ever remained.


2993: The Bounteous One

Thus remaining,

Limitless Jnana I attained;

No more wavering there is;

And as I reach the Holy One,

In the Land where Kundalini Fire burns,

The Bounteous One,

His choicest blessings gives.


2994: He Hides in the Heart

The Bounteous Lord,

The Monarch of Heavenly Kingdom

The Lord of matted locks,

That carried Ganga waters flowing,

The Primal One of Vedas,

Lest them devoid of faith see Him,

He hides in the heart within.


2995: Divine Knight-Errant That Severs Karmas

Unto me my God stretched His Flower-Feet in Grace

They, who adore Him daily in goodness, flourish;

He is the Divine Knight;

He severs my evil stars and Karmas,

Into His Sword of Jnana, my thoughts centered;

And no more cares I possess.


2996: Seek His Feet

Seek His Feet,

They are the Valhalla warriors reach;

Do reach His Feet,

They are the haven of blessed deeds;

Do attain His Feet,

They are the confluence of holy waters;

Thus it is,

For those who constant adore His Feet.


2997: Attain Jnana

In this world,

He pierced the overhanging Darkness of Ignorance;

Himself He has home none;

He is the Holy Preceptor of peerless grandeur;

I ate of the ripe fruit of His Jnana,

And I held on to the sweet Light within.


2998: Goal Ultima

That indeed is State Exalted,

That indeed is where Celestials have abode,

That indeed is where Ganga too flows,

Sacred it is;

It is the State that severs,

Roots of Karmic desires

That of yore come;

It is the Goal Ultima,

Devoutly to be sought for.


2999: How Lord is Seated

The Celestials stand above,

Below them are Tapasvins great;

Below them are humans, by sorrow harassed;

Thus is He seated;

And the bilva garland fresh from forest,

Festoons the fragrant matted locks,

He does for Jiva what is appropriate.


3000: He is in Five-Lettered Mantra

He quaffed poison from oceans arose,

He pervades worlds seven times two,

Birthless is He the Lord,

He is seated where the Lute, the Spring and Forest are,

He is the King that reigns

In Five-Lettered mantra, Eternal.


3001: He is Pervasive in All Elements

Unto Life is He,

Unto Earth is He,

Unto Wind, Sun, Fire and Moon is He,

Unto Water is He,

Unto recurring Dissolution and Creation is He,

He the Lord of Gods in cardinal directions eight,

He the Primal One.


3002: He Confers Blessings According to Degree of Jnana Attainment

In Fire and Sun He pervades,

In Wind He pervades,

In Moon He pervades,

Pervading all,

He gifts the Land True

To their Jnana according.


3003: He is the Object Mighty

Transcending all,

Yet immanent in each,

He stands;

For the world here below in Pasa bound

He is the Object Mighty;

Himself the Parapara Supreme,

For all worlds He gave;

That the Way His Greatness extends.


3004: His Cosmic Existence

His Crown is aloft pearl-like universes vast,

His Form engrosses seven worlds all,

His Feet descend deep unto nether world;

The ignorant know these not,

And delight not.


TIRUMANTIRAM – TANTRA NINE – Verses 2954 to 2981 of 3047

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English translation of the Tamil Spiritual Classic by Saint Tirumular

TANTRA NINE – Verses 2954 to 2981 of 3047


2954: State of Oneness in God

When you have, yourself, limitless become,

Who, in limit, are you to see?

When you have, yourself, He become,

Who are you to think of?

The Eyes that vanquished the God of Love,

Whom are they in longing to look for?

-Tell me, yourself, the real Truth.


2955: Thoughts Stand Still in the Beyond

You dumb ones!

They seek to speak,

Of the One beyond speech!

Can you ever reach the shores

Of the Shoreless Vast?

For them whose thoughts stand still,

Unto the waveless waters,

Unreserved He appears;

He of the matted locks.


2956: Maya Creates No Illusions There

Maya is but mind’s work,

It creates the illusions;

When the mind’s illusion disappears,

Nothing there left to worry about;

Death will not there be;

Chatter no more;

To seek the Self is Truth Divine.



2957: The Realized Souls Have No Possessions

Mala none; impurity none; pride and prejudice none;

Family none, excellences none; affluence none;

For them who in wisdom

Plant themselves in Nandi

-Firm in His love.


2958: They Become God

Ended the birth; sundered the bonds;

God and I one became;

No more for me the way of rebirth;

I have met Siva the Auspicious.


2959: They Want Nothing

Cane of sugar, rice of fineness, garments of richness

And water of green glades too,

Our Land possesses;

By the Grace of lovely Lady,

That is peacock shaped,

Nothing we want, nothing, indeed.


2960: They are Inseparable in God

None can intimidate me hereafter,

The Lord came and entered my thoughts,

There will I sport and wander in joy;

No more will I with anyone else be.


2961: How They Hastened to the City of God

I freed myself of fetters

The Creator bound me with,

I learned the way of reaching Siva;

I smote Karmas with the sharp sword of mind,

I stood ego lost;

And now I hasten toward the City of God.


2962: Sweetness of Namasivaya Fruit

One the God for worlds all,

One is He, the life of worlds all,

Lovely indeed is Namasivaya Fruit,

Sweet it is to them

Who of it tasted.


2963: Doubt-Free State of the God Realized

The Lord who wears moon and serpent on His matted hair,

He, the jewelled lamp

That accepted me in His service,

The Being Rare,

Neither beginning nor end has,

He entered my thoughts and made me doubt-free.


2964: Their Thought-Free State

Brahma and Vishnu, of yore,

Our Lord created;

And There He remains ever,

None know why;

If renouncing all,

Jiva There appears,

And empties its thoughts,

No more birth in carnal body will be.


2965: Siva-Sakti-Jiva Union

Unless the Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother love me,

How shall the worldly father and worldly motherknoweth me?

The Father, Mother and I were together seated;

My Father and Mother, I adoring.


2966: Prowess of Redeemed State

The seas vast,

The mountain peaks high,

The denizens of the universe,

And those who hold their sway there,

The Primal Sakti,

And the people in directions eight

-All, all, came within my grasp;

Redeemed am I, high above all.


2967: He is the Totality

Himself as space and Celestials stands,

Himself as body, life and matter stands,

Himself as sea, hill and dale stands,

Himself-all worlds’ Lord Supreme.


2968: Their Thought Power

If God of Death comes,

I shall smite him with Sword of Jnana,

If Siva comes,

I am sure to go with Him;

Long back had I sundered Karma,

To birth leads;

Who can stand against Thought,

Of intense devotion born?


2969: They are in Nada and Bindu

Their thoughts are Siva-filled;

They have destroyed Malas three

Suddha Siva they have become;

To Mala’s bondage they return not;

Shouts, confusion and fights (of this world),

They indulge not in;

Immersed are they in Nada and Para Bindu.


2970: Long They Live

They who cognize

Neither remembering nor forgetting,

In their thoughts,

The Pure One, who uproots Karmas,


Seeking the Pure One,

Who uproots Karmas

They who think of Him, long long live.


2971: Siva Appears as a Tapasvin

“O! Siva, my Great Lord”-thus I hailed Him;

And as a tapasvin the Holy Lord was before me;

He the Desired Lord, who accepted me in His service

Him I stood adoring, the Lord Eternal.


2972: Meek and Intense Prayer Leads to Siva

Him I adored, the Param, the Primal Lord,

Determined I stood, nothing else I seek;

In my body I held Him in union, the First One;

Meek in prayer I stood and I saw my Siva’s Being.


2973: In the Presence of Siva

The Lord filled my thoughts,

His Feet I beseeched;

As I thus entered His Presence,

He ended my birth’s whirl;

-He the Lord that has Thoughts none;

My Fate He fragmented,

My bonds He sundered.


2974: He Resolved My Contradictions

My contradictions He resolved;

Disease, age and life’s reckoning He ended;

Thus He accepted me in His service,

He my Nandi;

My contradictions resolved,

My life’s sorrows, I laid low;

And Siva, of Himself appeared.


2975: How Siva Entered in Me

Siva with His Celestial retinue entered in me;

He severed my bonds to births give rises;

He is my Father,

He the Primal Lord that in His service accepted me;

Into Grace my heart entered;

And there, imprisoned, remained.


2976: Bodily Pleasures Ceased to Interest

In this body of pleasures

Unto sugarcane and honey mixed,

Sprouted the Fragrance of Siva Bliss;

In eagerness my heart sought it

And I visioned the Void;

Then did the cane taste bitter

And honey sour.


2977: All My Doings Became Siva’s

Having pursued the ways of Chariya and the rest,

And having received the Bounteous Being’s Grace,

I stand praising Him ever;

All that I do,

I see as of Siva’s doings;

With no more Karma left,

I crossed the sea of births.


2978: Egoity Died and Siva Appeared

Into the thousand petalled lotus (in Sahasrathala),

The Kundalini fire shot up fierce;

And as with the fat of my heart’s love, I made it blaze,

She the Sakti appeared,

She the Jewel of worlds all;

The one, he died, my Egoity

And the One, He appeared, my Siva.


2979: Siva-Sakti in the Cranium Sphere

The Six streams (of Adharas)

Into one lake flow;

Thus in Way subtle

Into Siva-State penetrate;

There indeed is the Precious Truth,

Himself with Sakti stands,

-She of bouncing breasts and tender vine form.


2980: Intense Devotion

My heart melting, I moan and rave,

My bones melting, I adore day and night,

My gold, my Guru, my Lord, my God,

Him I eat, bite and chew.


2981: Mind Blossomed into Mukti

The mind blossomed and converged in tapas great;

The mind blossomed and converged in yoga breath;

The mind blossomed and converged for the Jiva;

When the mind blosso- beyond words to describe,

Then is Mukti Finale.


TIRUMANTIRAM – TANTRA NINE – Verses 2936 to 2953 of 3047

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English translation of the Tamil Spiritual Classic by Saint Tirumular

TANTRA NINE – Verses 2936 to 2953 of 3047



2936: Through Samadhi Being Within is Reached


They stood, they sat, they lay

-Thus their state can be described not;

Their thought is in Samadhi’s Silentness;

There is a Being Hidden;

They who reach it (Samadhi),

Have reached Him indeed.


2937: Guru Alone Can Show the Way

He is beyond the Signs and Mudras

He is the Cause;

What avails describing Him in Books?

All those are unto excrescence growth on Sheep’s neck;

-Unless the Guru himself leads you to Him.


2938: Know the Finite Truth

They that the Truth know, see worlds all,

They that the Truth know, have sorrows none,

When they that the Truth thus saw

They indeed have seen the Truth Finite.


2939: Siva and Sakti are in Samadhi Union

Even in my forgetfulness He stands,

He is Lord of Maya-Land,

He is of Compassion vast,

He ended my birth,

He is of qualities great;

Himself and His Holy Sakti

Sleep in sleepless union.


2940: Lord is Beyond Turiyatita

He is the Light Transcendental*

That shines beyond Turiyas Three,

In the Turiyatita that transcends them,

Beyond waking, dreaming sushupti states;

In that state, defying thought and speech.


2941: Attributes of Siva

Formless is He,

Bodyless is He,

Blemishless is He,

Richless is He,

Harmless is He,

Celestial of celestials is He,

Contentionless is He,

Bhoota-army possessed is He,

Attachmentless is He,

He entered my thoughts.


2942: Bliss of Devotees is Beyond Description

None have seen Him and known Him,

He, the Nandi, within the body is;

All, in directions eight,

Praise Him as Lord;

The unending bliss of His devotees many;

Surpasses universes vast

-How much they joyed Him, little do we know!


2943: Felicity of Union of Jiva and Siva

Tat-Para His is not,

Sadasiva He is not,

Formless is He,

Formed is He not,

Wondrous indeed unto felicity of sex-union enjoyed

Imagination baffling,

He in me in union stood.


2944: Divine Felicity Beyond Words

Thou fools who see with fleshly eyes

Know! To see with inner eye is bliss true;

How can mother tell the daughter

Of the felicity in the union with her husband?

In what terms will she that describe?


2945: Transcendental Union Beyond Word and Speech

As salt in water, in Lord I mixed,

Transcending Param and Paraparam states,

Beyond word and speech I in union merged;

“How was It?”-you ask

“It was It”-I say.


2946: Deceptive Ways of World

Lovely to look at is the fruit of nux-vomica,

Only those who eat know its taste (bitter)

When virgin matures and full woman becomes,

Only then will husband know her qualtities diverse.


2947: Jiva Light Merges in Siva Light

Nandi He was, in Street-Center (of Sahasrara),

Samadhi and other ways of union, of themselves went

Into the Light, within navel center rises,

By my Jnana, I merged.


2948: Merging into Void

Undistracted, I sit aloof and meditate,

Doubt-free, I follow the ancient Vedas,

I cross the awesome waste, this life is,

And beyond into the Void, that defies imagination,

I merge.


2949: The Celestials Seek Him Not

His Holy Feet bedecked in unfading blooms

The Celestials seek not;

To the Holy Way they take not;

To the radiance of the lovely lotus within,

They penetrate not,

They seek not to drink of the Divine Ambrosia.


2950: Lord’s Gushing Love

When for purposeful union the lovers sit and talk

Of a sudden gushes their passion;

When the Lord of fragrant Konrai flower beholds

Those who determined sit to meet Him,

He His Grace unhesitating grants.


2951: Nature of Union in God

Myself perishing, my wealth perishing,

Body perishing and life perishing,

Heaven perishing and mind perishing,

My ego perishing

-This I knew not (is union in God).


2952: Merging into Finite Reality

Darkness and Space I transcended,

As substance into Substance I merged,

To the Feet of Lord in Grace abounding,

Firm as rock immovable

My thoughts entire went.


2953: Transcendental Awareness

Meditating in oneness, I visionedParaparam,

Meditating in oneness, I realized Siva-State

Meditating in oneness, I experienced Awareness Transcendental

Meditating in oneness, I witnessed aeons upon aeons.


TIRUMANTIRAM – TANTRA NINE – Verses 2914 to 2935 of 3047

tirumular 021



English translation of the Tamil Spiritual Classic by Saint Tirumular

TANTRA NINE – Verses 2914 to 2935 of 3047

2914: Jiva Vanquishes Indriyas by Yoga

The Tiger that leaps twelve leagues crouches,

The Billows of the Hidden Sea soft spreads,

The nectar-sweet rapturous ambrosia wells up,

Thus did Jiva surround the Five that harassed.


2915: Jiva’s Journey in Yoga Sea

He boarded a boat and launched into sea,

He traded well and flourished fast;

The goodly man,

To a She-devil gave his heart,

And in spirit lost droped;

To him as a rich fruit of nectar sweet

Is that Divine Water that flows.


2916: Yoga’s Triumph

In the river of Leagues Three

Are Plantain Trees Three;

Ruddy fruits of triple Malas they bore;

They who are with the Lord exceeding,

Hoisted their Flag;

And seeking the Virgin through Central Sushumna,

Inhaled the Flower’s fragrance, divine sweet.


2917: Yoga Vanquishes Tattvas

There is an Athi tree with root and top,

At the tip end high is the Bamboo triple crested,

With flag and army are evil spies five times five

Destroyed they shall be,

And the Sacred Conch in victory blow.


2918: Conquer Indriyas and Reach Iruvinai-Oppu and Nalapari Pakam

Pig and Snake, Cow and Monkey

Together were in the lowly Jackal herd;

Joining them not and debasing himself not,

When, in balance, deeds good and bad are equal weighed

The Jiva, tinier than crab’s-eye berry,

Its ego’s diminution saw.


2919: Freedom From Fetters

Unopened a Bud there is;

Freed from Fetters,

The bud soon blossoms, that you see

Give up desires, the Tattvas perish;

Unless they be from Fetters free,

They see not the Blossom.


2920: Uniqueness of Ambrosial Flow in Cranium

Green that Land, you no water flows,

None know it ever;

The Water that flows rain devoid

Stands not in Land untilled.


2921: Jiva Becomes Siva by Kundalini Yoga

When the Owl gets to the top of Kurunda tree

And realizes desire is the source of world

Then the Snake standing in the Center teaches (Jnana)

And Jiva, Siva becomes.


2922: IruvinaiOppu Leads to Siva

The Plantain Tree and the Surai Creeper (pepper) together covered space;

The Surai creeper is stronger by far than the Plantain tree, they say;

Cutting down the Plantain tree and Surai creeper together,

The Plantain extending flourishes sure.


2923: Give up Worldly Pursuits and Practice Yoga

Digging not the Earth,

The upland Kurava sails seas

And catches fatty fish;

Let him give it up;

(Rather let him the Earth dig)

There is a way of a Rich Catch,

That is Wealth and Food for all.


2924: Reach Nada by Yoga and Attain Status of God

In the House of Goldsmith a Child flourishes,

A Conch of Call there is;

Blow it and call the Lord in Joy;

To the Potter and the Titled Minister alike

Are granted the high state;

That do you seek.


2925: Indriyas Obstruct the Yoga Journey

The Temple buffalo left the Shed,

It saw the Army and half-way turned;

The Chief held counsel with Minister,

The Citizens closed the Gates,

Five and Four.


2926: The Lord Drives in the Tattvas into the Infant Body

The eight constituents of Body Subtle

That ultimate leave,

The eight and ten Tattvas that sneak in,

With Purusha in them immersed,

The orifices nine,

The Kundalini that serpent-like coils,

The life breath twelve finger-measure (angula) long,

-If these, the Divine Charioteer drives not in,

Verily may the infant less than human be (say, pig).


2927: Pasa Disappears With Guru’s Guidance

In the Lagoon that is Moss covered,

Gently walking, the Shy Heron feeds;

When the Marching Warrior’s guidance got,

Pasa, to ground laid, fluttered away.


2928: Siva Draws JivaUnto Himself

On the Peaked Mountain is a Summit High,

Beyond the Summit blows a Gusty Wind;

There blossomed a Flower that its fragrance spread

Within that Flower, a Bee its Nectar imbibed,

There the Lord unto Himself Jiva draws.


2929: Arouse Kundalini to Reach Cranium

Lute and Flute, their melody intermingling,

Siva marched ahead in Cranium within;

Even before the Bargain was struck,

The Land was up there for Him to possess.


2930: Reaching the Moon Sphere-A Mystic Secret

The trade with the One in Ambrosia

None know about,

But those who the Secret Cavern entered;

They know not,

When the Moon rises

No more darkness will be;

Some did reach there and remained ever,

They truly, are the holy beings devout.


2931: Dawn of Jnana in Sahasrathala

The Day dawned, a golden hue it took,

On the banks high, the Mastwood shed its golden pollen;

Thus it is where the Holy Lord abides;

That Sphere the Damsel reached and remained.


2932: Properly Guided Jiva Reaches the Finite State

The tribes of Indriyas to Jiva belong

Each at his gate with swords fight;

If constant guided,

Jiva takes the True Way to Frontier;

From that born none ever return;

From that very plane shall he transcend,

The Five-States-Beyond.


2933: Body No More Counts When Jiva-Siva Union is Effected

When in the Garden,

The Fruit of Mango, ripened, dropped,

What matters if Jackals outside howl?

When the Primal One was by Kundalini Fire reached,

The fleshly body that led to it,

Forever left.


2934: Dawn of Jnana Eternal Day-Light

“Dawn is it”-thus shrilled the Birds,

“Dawn is it”-thus, the flower-like Damsel

Separation fearing, bewailed;

With Her in eternal union the Lord joyed;

And for Jiva no more the dawn

No more the separation.


2935: When Pasas Leave Jiva Unites in Siva

A Boat there is in the River Ghat

The Five plant their feet and row;

Thus on the river route they trade;

If in the midst the Rudder wobbles,

That becomes This.

(No more the world trade.)


TIRUMANTIRAM – TANTRA NINE – Verses 2890 to 2913 of 3047

tirumular 011



English translation of the Tamil Spiritual Classic by Saint Tirumular

TANTRA NINE – Verses 2890 to 2913 of 3047

2890: The Perfect Ones Practice Yoga Daily

Level up Mind-Garden in equanimity

In devotion’s net, plant the cotton tree

By salvation’s rope enter the place of Three,

Daily do they ascend thus,

Who perfection filled are.


2891: The Six Evils Dwell Within and God’s Warning to Them

The Owl, the Snake, the Parrot and the Cat,

The Mynah and the Quail

They, all, within dwell;

As the Owl nears the Mynah

The Mouse warns Mynah, screeching loud.


2892: Kundalini Yoga Alone Drives Away Triple Pasas

In the toddy measure* of foul smell

That a derisive laugh draws and (senses) to shambles sends,

He placed the white rats three;

If on the fire* placed, they run;

Else they remain;

Of flesh-born,

How will they ever go?


2893: Libertion Possible Only By Renunciation

They enter the Forest dense,

No more will they see the Sky above,

The Five Steeds together entered,

The Six Camels were closed up, entire;

If they leave the Forest dense,

The Three will near come.


2894: Worldly Desires Lead to Perdition

Food, raiment and phialled unguents,

Necklace, waistband and bangles lovely,

They who (as goal) saw,

Fly away

Unto a garment piece on a high rock laid,

Into the deep pit of six sins they fall

And there immersed are.


2895: Kundalini Removes Obstacles to Reach Sahasrathala

Beyond the Islet beyond to the Mountain on the Bank

They daily thrice journeyed,

To superintend the Field there,

She there is, who moves the Mountain obstacle within stands;

Her place we know not.


2896: Kundalini Unites in Siva

The Kite and Parrot together beat the drum loud

The Shapely Lady her wedding celebrated,

The Form of the holy Element she attained,

In that state, rapturous She remained.


2897: Goal of Jiva is to Seek Liberation

The mating Bird pecked at food

And approaching its partner fed it

Unto it easy is the Goal to reach

For those who eat of Ghee in the melting Fire within

And away the Darkness drive.


2898: Mystic Flower Within

Leaves none, bees none, Flower there is;

Top none, sheath none, root there is;

Bunch none, Flower to pluck there is;

Head none to wear;

The Branch that bent withers not.


2899: The Truly Great Vision the Lord in Cranial Cavity

Visioning the Banyan tree that stands Beyond,

They adore the holy Lord and in Him unite;

Those who transcend the Five Sorrows exceeding

Are the truly great;

Low at Lord’s Feet they lie;

And there they remain.


2900: Conquer Senses and Reach Siva

In the Way of Loud Call of Jiva

Is a Forest that stretches two leagues far;

Inside stand Robber that ceases and binds,

If the White Guard chases the Black thieves

And away shout them loud

Then does Jiva the Roof of Safety reach.


2901: Sweet Ambrosia and Bitter Nux Vomica Within the Body

In the tank where bloomed Kotti and Lily

Are Neem and Nux Vomica, too;

They who eat not the Salad of Plantain sweet,

With candy and honey mixed,

Lo! hanker after the fruit of nux vomica.


2902: Sakti Grants Grace to Jiva

As He-Bee and She-Bee

The Lord is seated on the throne

The multi-hued umbrella aloft canopying,

The Lowly Bee, of Pasa embodied,

Drinks of (nectar), the She-Bee by Her glance grants;

That verily is rapture surpassing.


2903: Jivas Graze in the Backwood of Worldly Desires

What to do with those cows

In the backwoods of desires graze?

Take them beyond,

And lead them to Feet of Lord;

Discipline them in ways superior;

Thus manage the herd;

Until then, their thoughts turn not

From the backwoods of worldly pleasures.


2904: Lord in Sahasrathala

In the Water Above, the Lotus blossomed,

In the Water Below, the Lily arose

To those who can see light in the Cross-beam above

The Lord is unto a cool Watermelon,

That fruits even in regions low.


2905: Attaining Liberation in Sahasrathala

Six the Birds in the house of Five,

Hundred the birds at the top of Tree,

Having ascended the Seven Steps high,

You shall sure reach the Home.


2906: Light Dawns in Sahasrathala

Within the Bathing Well,

Where they water draw

The roundly Earth swells

And Water springs;

Bind your breath and with Rope-Work

And center your thoughts;

Well may the Light Divine dawn.


2907: Reach the Holy Temple of Sahasrathala

Seven the circling Seas, eight the Mountain ranges

In the depths of Space is Fire, Rain and Wind

And the Land expansive;

Visioning it, if you dwell in it

That verily a Holy Temple is.


2908: Body Invaded by Indriyas

Embracing in warmth and pregnancy developing,

They made this body and (the couple) left;

The body-pole thus erected;

The bewitching Birds of Deep well invaded;

This way was it made, through lives successive.


2909: Lord’s Love is Supreme

Two there are, the wedding drum and the wedding Thali;

Stronger than the wedding drum and thali is the crow-bar;

Stronger than the drum, thali and crow-bar

Is the love that comes of Lord’s Grace.


2910: Vision Siva and Attain Golden Form

They who saw the Fish, remain looking at the fish;

They who saw the Hare, are of the Three rid;

He who controlled the battle tumultuous,

See the Hidden Truth,

His form golden becomes.


2913: Lord is Hidden Deep Within

In the Tank where Reeds flourished,

In Creepers spread and entwined filled,

The Lord is not unto the stork that on them gently walks

Deep into the Rocky Floor, He dives

For Jiva’s redemption to grant.


2912: Yoga Way to Liberation

Of three leagues is the Garden below,

Of half a league is the Forest above,

Frontiers blurring the two routes intermingled;

They who can see the Frontiers clear

Can quick cross the backyard

And reach the Hamlet safe.


2913: No More Karmas if Yoga is Attained

When after Ploughing, Seed is cast,

And copious Rains fall,

And it soaks the Land,

No more will Karmas germinate;

Sure He comes,

The Lord of flourishing matted locks.


TIRUMANTIRAM – TANTRA NINE – Verses 2866 to 2889 of 3047



English translation of the Tamil Spiritual Classic by Saint Tirumular

TANTRA NINE – Verses 2866 to 2889 of 3047



2866: Mystery of Lord’s Play

Body the gambling board;

Five the dice;

Three the channels

Fifty-one the squares

Thus the Jivas play the game;

He who thus leads them to it,

The mystery of His play

I know not.


2867: Holy Way is Strewn With Thorns

The Holy Way is by thorny bushes covered

They know not how to remove it;

They who know how to remove it

Are they for whom my heart yearns.


2868: Kundalini Yoga

Six are the streets

In their junction are juicy palm trees four;

With ladder difficult to climb,

I ascended the palm’s heights;

And there I saw the seas seven.


2869: Abnegation of Desires Leading to Liberation Through Yoga

I sowed the seed of brinjal

And the shoot of balsam-pear arose;

I dug up the dust;

And the pumpkin blossomed;

The gardner-gang prayed and ran;

Full well ripened the fruit of plantain.


2870: Sahasrara Center of Liberation

With the seed of Lord

There is a field

Where the Jiva ripens

That field they know not;

If the Grace of Blue-throated Lord there is,

Easy to enter that field

In Truth it is.


2871: Turiya State

A deep field there is one;

Waste fields two are there;

Another alien field with them lay mingled;

Those that plough the field of heart

For them the field fed with water,

Lay ripe in harvest rich.


2872: Kundalini Yoga

In the Triangular Field,

Are the Ploughs Three;

Yoke the bulls tight with rope;

Drive the ploughshare deep

They who held not their tongue,

Ploughed not in the Center

Closing their legs together,

They plough the waste in vain.


2873: Control of Breath

Two the picottahs, seven the wells;

The elder draws out, the younger waters;

If into fields the water flows not,

And into waste flows,

Verily is it unto the fowl

That the harlot rears.


2874: Tattvas-Lower and Higher

Twenty and four the cows that stray uncontrolled,

Other cows gentler are seven and five;

Well may the gentler ones a whole pot of milk give;

But Jiva has the straying uncontrolled ones alone.


2875: Yoga Way to Transcend Tattvas

Twenty and four the cows that are in calf;

Better far a pitcher of milk from cows that yield;

When you know how to milk the cows of breath (yoga)

The other cows near not.


2876: Yogic Kecari Mudra For Liberation

In the upper storey of the house of smith

Was a bud-like mass, that unto copper (sheet) expanded;

He shaped it round, folding it in Truth

Thus the smith made it his own.


2877: Sublimate Bindu Within into Para Bindu

In the eroding seed bed

Of Sorrow’s field,

Train the flowing water

And dam it tight;

Then plough with the goodly young bull,

And transplant the cucumber seedling;

That shall indeed into goodly seed ripe.


2878: Liberation only for Those who Strive

Strewing the seed,

And applying manure in baskets full,

And ploughing with yoked bulls,

And digging out the weeds,

Thus producing rice,

And cooking in vessels big,

Gently should they consume it;

This they do not;

How then do they the sweet rice crop harvest,

Lying indifferent?


2879: Attaining the Triple Turiya States

The seed for future ripened

The seed ripened over quite a stretch,

For those whom the seed ripened in stages three

The three spaces above, too, ripened.


2880: Do not Cultivate the Waste of Worldly Pleasures

Why they plough the waste, we know not,

They who plough the waste have design none,

They who plough the waste perish,

Unto the young weeds

That waste shoots.


2881: Yoga Leads to Grace

Within the shed where jackals howl,

Rouse your call;

The binding Pasas to Fire Consign;

Thus spend days continuous;

Then the goodly Lady appears

And there in the home, you shall be well.


2882: Experiences in the Mystic Sphere of Sahasrathala

On the mountain it rained,

The young deer leapt;

The rich ripe fruit from bunch above dropped;

Unto the metal on the smith’s furnace,

It melted;

And over the heart, He made it flow.


2883: Control Senses

In Brahmin’s home are Milk Cows Five

With none to herd them, they stray uncontrolled,

If a cowherd there is, and controlled they are,

The Five Cows will milk in abundance give.


2884: How to be Youthful

The five wild bulls of Jiva,

And the fierce lions thirty,

The two mangoes sweet,

The fradulent nine

And the mind within,

If yours they become, firm controlled,

The bull, old becomes not;

If not, they put fire to it.


2885: Immortality Through Yoga

The Truth of the Unwritten Book,

The Immaculate Virgin in clarity chanting,

The nectar of Flower, unopened until then,

Gushed forth;

As the Bee its fragrance drank,

Unborn it became.


2886: Sure Death, if Breath is not Controlled

The deceptive one that leaves,

The false seed that enters;

The Five who eat of the broth made

Of the ripe fruit of flourishing Jamun tree;

-All, all, went the burning roof’s way.


2887: Body Perishes if Yoga is not Practiced

From the Bamboo Shoot arose a Margosa tree

Close on Margosa was a Palmyrah,

In that Palm is a Snake

Knowing not to drive that Snake and eat it,

The Margosa tree withered away.


2888: How the Body is

Ten the tigers big,

Ten and Five the elephants,

Five the learned

Ten the jesters,

Three that are upright

Six the physicians,

Five the lordly ones,

There they all stand.


2889: Control Breath

Two the bulls in this hamlet,

One the servant for the bulls two;

Control the bulls two, firm,

As one they will then be.


TIRUMANTIRAM – TANTRA NINE – Verses 2847 to 2865 of 3047



English translation of the Tamil Spiritual Classic by Saint Tirumular

TANTRA NINE – Verses 2847 to 2865 of 3047



2847: Understand Fate’s Working; Jnanis are not Thwarted

What though you cut them, chop them,

And with chistle their heads hammer,

Or with cool sandal paste soften them?

All these are but by Fate, Nandi decreed,

Thus realizing they impassive remain,

They, the Holy Jnanis, that Truth perceived.


2848: The Past is Inexorable-Seek the Fair Land

Nothing there is,

Except by your past deeds come;

The heavens cannot decree otherwise;

And so by Muladhara Way

I sought the Lord within the head;

And what I did afore

Took me to the Fair Land of Bliss.


2489: Understanding Logic of Karmaic Law, I Sought Nandi

The sands the river deposits

Are by the river carried away;

To none else is that task apportioned;

(And so)

I sought Nandi

Of holy ashes and erect matted locks,

And with Him inseparate stood, devout intense.


2850: Seek Lord Always

What though the welkin thunders,

What though the seas rise and foam,

What though the fires spread and burn,

What though the tempests roar and blast,

Unconcerned I seek Lord

In devotion intense.


2851: Plough the Field of Jnana

What thought the elephant pursues,

What though the arrow pierces,

What though the wild tiger surrounds,

Deep I plough the field of Jnana

In the Other Land,

Lord has me allotted.


2852: Jnanis Are Unconcerned

If this body to harm comes

There is One to fashion another;

If a land to destruction goes,

There is another land for people to migrate;

If a house to pieces falls,

There is another house to dwell;

-Thus do their thoughts, unconcerned run,

Who Nandi’s bounty know.



2853: Siva Reveals in Doubt-Free Thought

Those whose thoughts inseparable in Siva merge,

In their thoughts, Siva reveals;

Those who can vision their thoughts doubt-free,

In their thoughts, Siva is.


2854: He is Subtle Beyond Thought and Speech-Seek and Find Him

Beyond speech and thought

Is hidden that Vedic Object;

Look at it;

It is an Object subtle by far;

It has no coming, nor going, no perishing;

All blessings are

For those who seek Lord true.


2855: The Unknowable Bestows Grace as Hara

As Paran, as Parparan and Beyond

As constant interminable Light Transcendental;

As Support Finite of all,

As One beyond knowledge of Self,

As Hara here below,

He, His Grace showers.



2856: Supreme Svarupa Bliss

Beyond Difference and Non-Difference

Is that inviolate Bliss;

In every hair root its ambrosial sweetness floods;

Beyond the initial Manifestness Three it is;

There indeed is the greatness vast of that Supreme Manifestness

That Vedas praise so high.


2857: He is the Fragrance in the Flower Within

He is Sentience, He is Life;

He is union, He is separation;

He is Continuity beyond thought;

He stands in the fragrance of flower within.


2858: Seek Him There Within

He who stands thus

Of Him you think;

Seek His Presence;

He ends the imperfections

Of those who seek Him;

He is the unwritten Veda immutable;

He is of Tapas great

He stands within the head;

For sure it is.


2859: He Blessed Me Saying, “You Know”

My thoughts woke up

In lightning flash within;

And as I woke up,

The self-illumined Lord, the peerless One,

Of Form golden-hued, Nandi of matted locks

Entered into me and said, “You know;”

And thus saying, in benignance

He cast His glance upon me.


2860: Brahma TuriyaBeyond Triple Turiya

Satya-Jnana Bliss is He

It is Sivananda light

That surpasses Thought;

It is Pure Brahma Turiya;

It is Turiya beyond Turiya;

In it arises the Light Transcendental.


2861: Svarupa Siva Beyond Bliss of Satya-Jnana-Ananda

Paran He is not,

Nor the expanding Paraparan is He;

Nor the abiding Object Beyond;

Nor the Vibrant Light above it;

Nor the One who supports all;

He is they and not they;

Hara He is not

Beyond Bliss is He.


2862: Aim of Suddha State

Mukti, Siddhi and mature Jnana attained,

In devotion standing,

In Param standing,

In the mighty Sakti standing

They realize the Tattvas;

Then from that Suddha State

They passes to SukhanandaBodha State.


2863: Ariya-Turiyatita Beyond; Turiyatita Beyond is Svarupa

Turiyatita is Void

That is beyond words;

When AriyaTuriyatita state still above is reached,

Jiva blossoms shimmering;

Neither folding, nor unfolding;

The Form too is altered;

How to describe it!




2864: Progression of Soul’s Journey to Five Muktis

Jiva reaches to (Jiva) Mukti first;

Then passes on to Param State;

And thence to Siva State;

In the Turiyapractised therein,

Is the Primal Self-illumined Manifestness;

And having attained Svarupa,

Is reached the State of Nirvana.

(In AriyaTuriyatita State.)


2865: He is the Finite Goal

He is Param that is reached

By those who desire Him,

Leaving their own desire behind;

He is Lord of Fore-Head Eye

Whom the learned who have learned all,

Still learn about;

He is the Transcendental Light

Whom those who have bonds none


He is the One,

Whom those who have reached,

Have ceased to prattle about.


TIRUMANTIRAM – TANTRA NINE – Verses 2825 to 2846 of 3047


English translation of the Tamil Spiritual Classic by Saint Tirumular

TANTRA NINE – Verses 2825 to 2846 of 3047


2825: In the Seventh Void is Siva-Knowledge-Bliss


All voids as void

As all and nothing,

The three Voids below,

And the three Voids above,

Seeking them,

And knowing not what this Void is like,

In that Supreme Bliss

Is the Tat-Para Jnanananda;


In that He and I one become.


2826: Beyond Three Turiyas and the States They Lead to

In the Turiya First is Thom-Pada State,

In the Turiya Second is Tat-Pada State,

In the Turiya Third is Asi-Pada State,

Beyond is the Subtlety

Immense that transcends Space

There, the Holy Truth of Nandi, verily, is.


2827: The Fourth State of Bliss-A Blend of Six Attributes (Satya-Jnana-Ananda)

Peerless the Bliss that in Satya-Jnana is,

Incomparable is it to the light of pure gem’s rays and the like;

Unto Lily Blue, Purity, Beauty, Color, Fragrance and Radiance

-These six, together blended, is

That Bliss-State of Satya-Jnana.


2828: Sakti is Sat, Para Jnana is Chit and Siva is Ananda

To speak of Sakti, Siva and Parajnana-Bliss

Thus are they:

Infinite high is Siva’s Bliss (Ananda)

Manifestness (Svarupa) is Sakti (Sat);

Parajnana is that the Holy Guru to Jiva imparts (Chit);

-All three together are unto the Flower

Blended with Six attributes above (Sat-Chit-Ananda).


2829: Satya-Jnana-Bliss is Above the Three States

Unto the Blue Lily blossom that is blended

With Color, Purity, Beauty, Fragrance and Radiance,

It is,

When Jiva into Tat-Para blends;

Then is the State of Siva-Manifestness (Svarupa)

That is of the three States exalted,

And in Him arose Satya-Jnana-Ananda.


2830: Lord is in the Farthest Stretches of Thought

Think of Him as far as your thoughts stretch,

Adore Him in melting love,

Praise Him in songs melodious,

Well may you envelop Him in your heart;

Me too,

My Lord Nandi, His Grace extending,

Led to think of Him

To the farthest reaches of my thought.


2831: Sweetness of Satya-Jnana-Bliss

Milk, honey, juice of fruit

In ambrosial sweetness mixed;

Unto it is when the triple States of Turiya-is crossed,

And Jiva enters in Satya-Jnana-Ananda;

It is a sweetness that permeates

Every root of body’s hair.


2832: Satya-Jnana-Ananda is Transcendental

Transcending spheres of immortal Celestials,

Transcending Cosmic Spaces,

Transcending sphere of Nada,

He stood, all by Himself-the Lord;

Sakti with coral lips, pearly teeth and dewy-cool speech,

And the unflickering Light of Parajnana


He stood (in Satya Jnana Ananda).


2833: How Jnanis Reach Satya-Jnana-Ananda

The Tattvas six times six

That in Eye-brow Center stand

In Waking State,

They left behind;

They rid themselves of Malas;

Were purified in Turiya that is Pure (Suddha);

Freed of the bondage condition (Pedda)

They became Siva;

Beyond that they ascended into

Satya-Jnana-Ananda (Truth-Knowledge-Bliss that is Sat-Chit-Ananda).

They, the Jnanis True.


2834: Svarupa (Manifestness) is in the Fourth Turiya State

Jiva having become Siva

And the triple Malas extinguished,

Ascending into the Triple Voids

In Desire and Not-desire ceased

Pass into the holy state of

Satya-Jnana-Ananda Bliss;

There in that farthest Turiya of Jiva,

The Self-illuminating Manifestness (Svarupa) is.



2835: Parsivam is Immanent in Svarupa State

The Holy Master, Parama Guru,

As Para constant pervades interminably all;

In that immanent state,

Extends His Self-illuminating Manifestness;

When Jiva the Final Turiya* State attains.


2836: Parasivam is Pervasive

In that primordial Flood of Waters

(At the time of Dissolution)

As Waters of the earth, the tempestuous Winds

The Fire, the Sky and Earth

He interminably extended in Space;

I know not how to limit Him

And thus adore Him.


2837: Parasiva is Immanent in All Gods

As thus He stood,

The Gods Brahma, Vishnu and others

Who wherever stood

Praise Him as Lord Supreme;

In them all He immanent stood, my peerless Lord,

And beyond them too, He stood,

He, the Lord of Worlds all.


2838: When Jnana Supreme is Attained

Knowing not the foot-prints of Faith’s Way,

They the eight causal sins of greed, lust and others commit;

They are egoity possessed;

They who transcend these,

And Jnana attain,

Verily become Lord of Immortals in High Heavens.


2839: Svarupa Siva is of the Triple Turiyas and Beyond

The three gods, Brahma, Vishnu, Rudra

Are of the Primal One;

Yet is He from them separate;

Unto it, the Lord stands

In the Turiyas triple-

Jiva, Para and Siva

(One and yet separate,)

Thus say the scriptures sacred.


2840: Unless Lord Himself Reveals as Guru, He is Beyond Reach

Form He has none,

Yet Form He assumes;

Birth He has none;

Yet is He the seed of all births;

Beyond Formlessness, too, He is,

The elusive Lord;

Unless Himself as Holy Guru reveals

None, Him reach.


2841: Meditation on God’s Manifestness

They who meditate on His Svarupa,

See Him as the light within;

They who meditate on His Svarupa,

Will Timeless Eternity attain;

They who meditate on His Svarupa,

Will with Celestials be;

Yet who does seek His Svarupa true

In the world here below?


2842: Behold Transcendental Light (Param Jyoti)

As I clung to the Lord that is Transcendental Light,

The Transcendental Light in me entered and remained;

And as I sank and sank into the Transcendental Light,

I beheld the Transcendental Light,

Himself aloud proclaiming.


2843: Dawn of Svarupa Bliss in Satya-Jnana-Ananda

Manifestness, Form, Attributes and Past

-All absorbed,

Satya-Jnana-Ananda arises (Truth-Knowledge-Bliss)

With the six attributes blending; (flower, purity, beauty, color, fragrance and radiance)

Unto it, arises the Bliss of Holy Guru

Of self-illumined Manifestness,

In whom the Four* Saktis absorbed are.


2844: Acting on Adi Sakti Svarupa Siva is Aum

He is Bliss beyond speech

He is Silentness

He the Self-illumined Manifestness;

When He acts on Adi Sakti,

He becomes the letters A, U and M;

And thus as Aum defying description,

He shines as the Light within.


2845: He Stands Concealed in Kalas of Sakti

In the valleys within the cranium I stood,

Adoring Him in penance devout;

And there I discovered Him, the Thief,

With Sakti standing in Kalas concealed;

Discovering Him, I ended my birth’s cycle.


2846: Knowledge of the Way of Becoming

I knew the Way of Becoming,

I knew the Way of Seeking the Rare One,

I knew the Way of Entrance to Him;

No more the egoity,

None other the locale

The Primal One I become,

He and I one will be.