my message today2




Worldliness and Spirituality are in two different directions. Both are opposite ways of creation. The moment a person takes life he gets involved in worldliness. It is rare that a person is born without worldliness. Such persons are indeed Godly. Worldly persons desire sense pleasures. Happiness has no definition. Wherever the mind is engrossed in, it is believed to be happiness. Happiness is a state of mind. Happiness is borderless. There is no end to happiness. The birth-death-birth cycle as expressed in the saying “punarabi jananam punarabi maranam” is the cause of this endless happiness. But the spiritual path is totally different. I am always immersed in spirituality. Those who want to realize Me must reach Me only through this path of spirituality. They alone can get My vision. In spirituality there is no pleasure. There is only Bliss. This is also called the Bliss experienced by the soul. If the state of this Bliss is also transcended then one reaches the final state of Eternal Bliss. It is in this final state one realizes the ultimate truth called Brahman. Those who have progressed through various stages of spirituality reaching this final state merge in Me.

Have faith in My Sayings



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