my message today1



Do not argue with regard to following the disciplines prescribed in scriptures. These disciplines are laid out only for the good of humanity. By adopting good ways of disciplinary life, bad effects of actions are removed. Do not forget that Vedas and Shastras (The Holy Hindu scriptures) repeatedly impress on the good aspects of such disciplines. While following such disciplines, though you may observe the three aspects of the doer, the action and the result, remember that all three are My identity only. If you realize that the creator, preserver and the eliminator are all but Me, only then you will not have the desire for the result of your actions. Even the result of your action is only Me. Therefore whoever remembers Me and carries out their duties by offering them to Me, for such persons My grace and protection will always be available. Therefore if anybody keeps meditating on Me always, their bad deeds reach My feet, leaving them free from the effects. Develop the attitude that you are My personification. I and you are not different. You are but My reflection. If you firmly believe that whatever you see is Me residing in that form, then I am truly yours!

Have faith in My Sayings



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