my message today




Everybody longs to get the vision of God. What does He look like? What is His Divine Form? These are questions that everyone long to understand. Let us set that aside. If you understand where He dwells then you can realize the attributes of His existence. In fact temples are utilized to worship only the Form aspect of the Almighty. In reality God dwells within the temple of our hearts. If the heart is pure and unalloyed then our mind will progress towards the true human values. Such is the effect of the presence of God in one’s heart. Through those human values, the highest qualities of mercy, dharmic oriented life, following the path of truthful existence, empathy and sympathy with all living beings, true love towards others and such other noble qualities will automatically sprout and blossom. These are the qualities that are to be revered as the true form of God. How could God have only one Form? Whatever is the noble quality one possesses that in itself is the true Form of God. In reality whoever has these great and idealistic qualities are Divinity themselves.

Have faith in My Sayings



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