my message today3




If there is any rationale beyond questioning it is Mine. Through rationale you can not fathom Me. My actions will be apparently contradictory, secretive and beyond comprehension. In whichever way a person worships Me, I can correspond to him. Where there is faith I will be there with that faith. My very embodiment is faith. My miracles are unique experiences themselves. For some the experience will be externally perceptible and for others the same may be latent. You will not be able to understand the inner meaning of such experiences. I am a witness to your many past, present and future lives. Based on individual karma I bestow the appropriate result. If you understand that whatever the result bestowed on you is My will then you have understood Me. Therefore if you worry about unfulfilled desires and non availability of your wants there is no use of the same. In order that you get salvation and to make you realize My presence, I perform My miracles. If you dwell on My miracles and intensely immerse your thoughts on them, you will then understand who I am.

Have faith in My Sayings



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