my message today1




If you continue to always be attached to the worldly pleasures and get intoxicated in them, then you will never be able to reach Me. If you have excessive desire for such worldly fleeting happiness when will you have time for Me? You will then be left with no choice other than to be physically weak, disabled and old, awaiting your end. At that time what can you do? You will be born again and again. I have been trying to redeem you from that situation. Still nobody listens. Will Allah come to your rescue only as and when you want? This very moment is in your control. Just listen to Me carefully. Soak your thoughts with My blissful miracles. Ponder deeply over them. Compare the wealth of joy you will derive from such act of spirituality to the passing worldly happiness. You will then realize the inner meaning of My words. Will there be any eternal and everlasting happiness other than thinking of Me? Whatever be your daily chores they will not be affected by My thoughts. On the other hand My thoughts will strengthen your efforts. I will be of support to you. Do not postpone such a good act till tomorrow.

Have faith in My Sayings



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