my message today3




The body born out of physical pleasure gets destroyed by death. Therefore the body is not permanent. This is known from the time of birth. It is ignorant to be sorrowful. The time span between birth and death is the period for one to make efforts to realize God. By getting involved in physical pleasures during such a rare period, man is getting caught in the eternal cycle of birth and death. Rebirth is unavoidable in such a situation. Only the individual has the power to ensure avoiding rebirth through his efforts. Those who aspire for eternal bliss and permanent salvation must be without any desire. By detaching oneself from body consciousness and family bondage, one must seek Me. Those who long to realize me with a sense of urgency, only for such people I will be near and dear. Those who long for Me till the end will merge in Me. Constant repetition of My name will ensure such a person will not have rebirth. By incessantly remembering Me, the person ultimately dissolves into Me.

Have faith in My Sayings



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