my message today




Attachment to the body and worldly affairs, desires in family life alone and other such bondage are attributes that block the progress to spiritual path. This is because God is beyond the feelings of love and hatred. He does not have any demands. God is interested only in the welfare of this universe. Therefore those who desire spirituality need to be detached from worldly matters. You may have a doubt whether those who are immersed in worldly matters can have absolute detachment. No scripture command you to discard the bodily needs. No master will ever suggest the same. But do not undertake any work with desire and attachment for bodily pleasures. If you are confronted with such a situation then surrender the problem to Me. My sanctity will ensure that no worldly desire engulfs your mind. Over a period of time your mind gets trained to seek Me, get satisfied by My darshan and qualities associated with Me. Thus the mind develops detachment. Such detachment gives bliss. Even if this effort is difficult, those who are spiritually attached to Me will achieve the same with ease.

Have faith in My Sayings



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