my message today2




Every day the sun rises and then the night follows. The time keeps rolling by years. Half the life is lost in sleep. The remaining period of life also does not give peace of mind. Adolescence is lost playing around. Youth is spent in sensual enjoyments. At old age, diseases overcome a person. If the human birth is meant to get a robust body and plunge in physical pleasures, then there is no difference between humans and animals. There is a better destiny meant for human beings. To be a self realized soul is possible only for humans. The human body is meant to get out of the very bondage of the cycle of life and death. If life is spent causing rebirth then how could one reach self realization? For true wisdom, self realization must be the goal. Rest is all a waste of time. Time is precious. Utilizing this valuable time for acquiring spiritual wisdom and going in search of Truth is the essence of life.


Have Faith in My Sayings.




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