my message today1




If you add one to one then you get two. This is wholly true and there is no place for argument on the same. Although this theory is true in the physical world, in the spiritual sense it is incorrect. Set aside the belief that you and I are different. I am within you and you are within Me. I reckon your physical and other needs and fulfill them. You don’t forget the truth that a child in the womb of a mother gets nourished by her. In fact the mother does not take extra efforts to feed the growing child inside her womb. The mother takes food to satisfy her hunger which also reaches the child within her. Similarly always try to realize that I am within you. Do not forget My existence inside your very being. Also never forget that I am always with you. Can I ever eat without satisfying your hunger? All your external worship reaches Me within yourself. Then I get strengthened and protect you. If you are unable to do even this much then how can I Help you? Your soulful worship of Me alone is true worship. This is the truth.

Have Faith in My Sayings.



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