my message today1




The age of Kali itself is an ocean of sorrow. Human beings are like fish in such an ocean. One can not but keep swimming always in that ocean. When one starts taking things easy then troubles are sure to come. Life is a constant struggle. In this struggle there is only meaningless wandering, without any peace of mind. You know quite well that only when there is food, you can eat else you have to be hungry. These are all your vain attempts. Yet you don’t leave your longings. You don’t leave your struggle as well. How can I help you if you keep struggling all alone? I am like a pot full of water. If you don’t come near the pot how your thirst could be quenched? Who will attempt to quench your thirst permanently? For all your needs you should use your own efforts. You have to help yourself to reach Me. Leave aside your useless longings and struggles and surrender yourselves to Me. I will always be with you. Before I reach you to quench your thirst, you get mentally disturbed and go far away. I am only waiting for you. Lay your burden on Me and you will get Shanti – peace of mind.


Have faith in My Sayings



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