Submit your prayers

thanks baba tomorrow is thursday



3 thoughts on “Submit your prayers

  1. Baba, i lost my job three years ago and got a job after more than one year after. I am now working in a company which is giving a low pay for loads of work all this because I am over 50 years old (54 yrs old) and have less chance of finding another job. My wife does not work due to low education and i also have a daughter at school. Please tell me what do as I am looking for every new opportunity to get another job with better pay and also looking for a partime job after the one I am working but can’t find anything. Baba, please show me a path to earn money decently.


  2. *Om Sai Ram*

    Sainath I am Job less past many years
    Please speed up my current job offers and set my house in order
    I cannot understand your Divine drama as you kept in spiritual mode for a quiet long time

    N Srinivas


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