The Last Days – By Sri Narasimha Swamiji – part 4



The Last Days – By Sri Narasimha Swamiji – part 4


Samadhi or death?

Mrs. M. W. Pradhan, one of Sai Baba’s devotees records her experience:

The night after Baba’s departure, I saw His body in a dying condition in my dream and said, ‘Baba is dying’. Baba replied, ‘People do not talk of saints as dying, but as takingsamadhi’.His body was still. People were mourning. Such was the dream. I felt sad. I woke up at 12-30 midnight. In the morning we got from Anna Chinchinikar a post-card that Baba passed away at 3-00 p.m. on holy Dasserah,15-10-1918.”

On the day following His Mahasamadhii.e., on 16th of October, Baba appeared to Das Ganu in his dream at Pandharpur and said, “The masjidhas collapsed; all the oil men and grocers of Shirdi have teased Me a lot; so I left the place. I therefore came to inform you here; go there quickly and cover Me with Bhakkalflowers.” Das Ganu came to Shirdi and started bhajanand kirtanbefore Baba’s samadhiwhich he garlanded. Later he fed a large number of people in Baba’s name.

A little later Baba appeared in the dream of another lady and told her to send the pitamber(light yellow silk dhoti)in her trunk to cover His samadhi.So she did. When the thirteenth day after the samadhineared He appeared in the dream of yet another devotee and told him to celebrate the day.

Thus Baba rightly declared:

“I shall be alive and vigorous from the tomb also.”

“Even after My Mahasamadhi,I shall be with you the moment you think of Me at any place.”

And He stands by His word even today. And that is taking samadhi.”




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