Sadana – Worship of objects

Sadana – Worship of objects

If Gods like Datta are on the way, easily accessible, and if one does not take darshan of them, how can I help him?

At Nivas, there is Mohiniraj. That is Allah, who had become saguna. Go and bow to Him first, Appa Kulkarni, and then go to the D.P. for the case against you. (Appa did so & was acquitted).

God exercises all power for the benefit of devotees.

Megha, take this linga for worship.

Megha, why did you come here for my worship omitting to worship at one temple (Khandoba’s)? Go and worship at Khandoba’s now; it is open.

(Baba’s Charters and Sayings # 155-158)


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