Blessed Devotee who Experienced Baba’s Miracle before 1918; Udi – The Ultimate Miracle Medicine



Blessed Devotee who Experienced Baba’s Miracle before 1918

Udi – The Ultimate Miracle Medicine


His problem seemed to be insurmountable, as he earned very little, and had to look after his mother. So Janardhan M. Fanse, also known as Haribhau Fanse decided to give it all up. He informed his mother of his decision and decided to go to Rameshwaram. However, as Shirdi was on the way, he decided to go there and have Baba’s Darshan. He stepped into the Dwarkamai and was enchanted to see Baba. Baba told him to return home as his mother was fasting and pining for him and she might die. However, Baba gave him some Udi at the time of departure. This he kept safely with him. On reaching home, he narrated what Baba said and his mother was convinced of Baba’s divinity. Meanwhile, a villager approached him for help, as he was ill with cholera. Fanse gave him a little of Baba’s Udi and he recovered. This led the villagers to think that he was a physician, and the people kept coming for aid. Soon, the Udi was exhausted and he wondered what he could do next. But the epidemic also vanished.

One day, he casually met a Marwari, who told him about his brother’s plight. “My brother is seriously sick. He has tried doctor after doctor, but of no avail. Since you are a devotee of Sai Baba, you must see him. For ifyour Sai Baba is really so divine, he will cure him through you.” Haribhau took one look at the patient and was horrified at his state. He quickly told the Marwari that his fees were very high and quoted Rs.200/- hoping that the Marwari would refuse. The amount far exceeded the fees of the civil surgeon. But the Marwari agreed. He was then in a real fix. He decided to slip away. But, he couldn’t leave the village, as it was nightfall. He had now been pushed into a dark corner. As was his usual practice, he made preparation for Bhajan and prayer. To the utter surprise of the family, the patient himself did all the work. Throughout the Bhajan, the patient sat and looked at Baba’s photograph with love and concentration. The Marwari was so pleased that he said, “Whether the patient dies or survives, you alone will treat him.” This put Haribhau in a dilemma, and he did not know what to do. The compassionate Baba appeared in his dream and told him what the disease was, and what to prescribe and how to administer it. Haribhaudid exactly that and the patient recovered.

The Marwari gave the fees of Rs.200/-, but Haribhau would not rightly accept it, saying, “It was my Guru’s grace.” The Marwari was uneasy at this. So he bought a shawl worth Rs.200/- and left it at his residence when he was out. Haribhau returned, only to find the gift. He somehow, wanted Baba to have it. But, by that time, Baba had taken Mahasamadhi. With tears rolling down his cheeks, he prayed to Baba. That night he had a dream. Baba said, “There is famine all around, so sell he shawl and out of the money, buy rice. For the present, sell it below cost price till the rice runs out. After that, sell rice for a profit and you will be able to make a living.”

Haribhau did just that and became prosperous and was able to lookafter his mother comfortably.

This Leela elaborates the power and the greatness of Baba’s Udi. In Sai Satcharitra Ch. 33 and 34, Leelas are cited when Baba gave Udi and affected a cure. Be it Narayanrao of Nasik who used the ash fromthe incense sticks to treat the scorpion bite, as Udi wasn’t readily available.

Nana was enroute to Kalyan, when a father wanted someof Baba’s Udi for his daughter, who had bubonic plague.Nana had no Udi at hand. So, picking some dust from the road, he fervently prayed to Baba and applied it to his wife’s forehead. The man saw all this with amazement and only later found out, thatshe started recovering, the verymoment, Nana applied the dust.

The Jamnermiracle, where Baba sent the Udi and Adkars Aarti to Nana through Ramgirbua to ease the delivery of Nana’s daughter, is also very remarkable.

Leela after Leela are given where Udi was given by Baba or some other devotee and was certain of a cure.


Leela- 58 in Ambrosia in Shirdi – Part-I

(Baba’s Leelas before 1918)



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