Do not say of anyone that he is inimical. Who is whose enemy? Do not entertain ill feeling towards anyone. All are one and the same.

People differentiate between themselves and others, their properties, and others’ properties. This is wrong. I am in you and you in me. (Purandhare)

This is the Teli’s wall that parts you from me; pull down this wall; and then we see each other clearly face to face.

(N.B. ; A teli i.e., oil monger lived next to the Mosque.)

Saints do not recognise this differentiation. To serve me, remove this differentiation. Continue to think in this way and then you will realize it.

Search the scriptures. See if Atma is one or many.

“What am I”? Asks Upasani Maharaj

Sai Baba replies: I am you, you are I. There is no difference between you and Me. That which constitutes Me constitutes you.

Narain Asram of Wai, Satara (then Mr.Toser) was, about 1914, made by Baba to feel that differences do not exist; and Narain Asram had the blissful feeling of non-difference while at Shirdi. Sai encouraged (Krishna) Bhmisma, in the bliss of experiencing the cosmic self at the view of his own shadow at sunrise.)

(Baba’s Charters and Sayings # 110-112)



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