Who are We?


Who are We?


Baba often said, “Who are we? Night and day think on this.”

About 1915 R.A Tarkhad, Managing Director of a mill, got into a compartment at Manmad in the dark and was fighting for a seat with a police constable, who was there. When R.A.T. arrived at Shirdi.

Baba: With whom were you persisting in contest this morning? Bhav (brother), we should not engage in contest with such people! “Who are We?” This we must enquire into.

R.A.T saw first, Baba’s reference to the social inequality of the disputing parties, and later on, the Vedantic meaning of the words, i.e., the unity of those parties in Brahman.

Baba (to Bala Bhav i.e., Sitaram Dev) : We have only to see (i.e., know) our self.

(Baba’s Charters and Sayings # 120)



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