May the wicked turn good;

May the good attain peace;

May the peaceful be freed from all bondage, and

May the liberated redeem others.

May everybody be happy.

May everybody be free from disease;

May everybody have good luck;

May none fall on evil days.

May everybody surmount difficulties?

May everybody have good fortune?

May everybody realize his ambitions?

May everybody rejoice every where.


Bow to Shri Sai; Peace be to all.



2 thoughts on “PRAYER

  1. Pranam….n always prayers to Baba…that please….bless to all and give peace and happiness to all….I always would bow my head on your lotus feet…and always want to remember you …..please come and stay in my heart….when i close my eyes n call you….and say ….love you BABA…..


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