Once there is singular faith, then all the calamities of that devotee are warded off and he is granted all that is desired deeply. All the difficulties are resolved.” – Shri Sai Samartha Satcharita, Ch. 25, Ovi 14.


There is an old Hebrew fable that Rabbi Akiba was compelled by persecution to wander in the wilderness. He had a lamp to enable him to study the Holy Bible; a cock that awakened him in the morning, and a donkey on which he rode.


One night, being very tired he went into a village and asked for shelter but was refused. He sought an old well, where he sat down to rest. He lighted his lamp, but a violent wind extinguished the light. He lay down to sleep, but a wolf killed the cock and a lion ate his donkey. Feeling he had been hardly used, he went into the village to see if he could find help. Then he discovered that during the night a band of robbers had killed the inhabitants. He saw that God had been very good to him.


If he had been received into a home for the night, he too would have been killed. If the light had not been blown out, he would have been discovered by the robbers. If the cock and donkey had not been destroyed, they would have revealed his presence. So it is always with those that love God.


All things work together for good to them that love God.



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