Mr. Mani Iyer reports the following experience of his: – Four months ago, he started from his place at 4 a.m. when it was very dark, with not a single municipal light burning. And there was also no moonlight or other light.


He had to carry 2 bags one containing nickel change for Rs.50 and another containing small silver change for Rs. 50. He had them in his waist and walked along the road. Suddenly the bags got untied and the entire contents of both bags fell on the road and rolled off in all directions, which he could not see. There was no one on the road. To leave the place to go and fetch a lamp was unwise, as before he returned, some passerby might strike his foot on the coins and carry them away. So he kept on waiting. Sri Sai Baba never forsakes his devotee. Soon someone came up the road and remarked that the money ought to have been secured within the waistcloth more carefully. T.L.S. M sat down at once on the road. Strangely enough, there was dim twilight (as though it was 6 p.m.) and he could see the coins distinctly. He gathered the whole lot, and did not lose even a single coin. The stranger went away. How suddenly the night became lit up with twilight just for a while was the wonder.


Sri T.L.S. Mani’s broken arm has almost healed. There is no pain now but full and free use has not yet been restored by Sai.


All India Sai Samaj, Madras



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