Extracts from Shri. H. S. Dixit’s Diary – 4

sai deva


Extracts from Shri. H. S. Dixit’s Diary – 4




One Haribhau Karnik of Dahanu went to Shirdi during Guru Poornima of 1918.


A friend of his had to ask Baba for leave to go away and had accompanied him. Some gentleman asked on behalf of that friend for leave to go and Baba gave it. He also got permission from Baba for Haribhau and told Haribhau “Get down” (from the floor of the Masjid where Baba sat). Haribhau went down, but it struck him then that he had thought of giving one Rupee to Baba.


Meanwhile that gentleman from the Masjid told him “Go Now”. So immediately Haribhau went away from there and proceeded to visit a temple.


There was a Digambar Swamy (i.e., naked) with a big crowd a round him. As soon as Haribhau entered the temple that Digambar got up and came to Haribhau, held his wrist, and said, “Where is my rupee? Bring it” and got one rupee from Haribhau. In this way, the desire of Haribhau to pay one rupee to Baba was gratified by the latter.



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