Extracts from Shri. H. S. Dixit’s Diary – 1

baba hugged and given to pitale


Extracts from Shri. H. S. Dixit’s Diary





Once Madhavrao Deshpande (of Shirdi) had piles. He told Baba about it. Baba said, ”We shall give medicine in the afternoon” Baba prepared an infusion of Swarnamukhi (probably SENNA) and gave him part of it. With that the piles trouble stopped. Two years later, he again got piles. As Baba bad given him this infusion, he thought that he himself would prepare the infusion at his home; but that increased the piles instead of stopping it. Later on by Baba’s grace the piles were cured. Purport of all this is that the cure was the result of Baba’s Ashirvada and not of the medicine.


Amritanubhava of Janeswar is a well known work; but it is very hard to understand. Very few read it. Dasa Ganu wanted to write explaining it in detail (tika) so that the common man could understand it. Das Ganu said so to Dada Maharaj, the well known man of Satara. The latter put an obstacle in his way and said, “Before you write a tika or commentary, you must understand the original text. If you remain for some months with me and learn the book, then you can write the commentary” Dada Maharaj is reputed to be well versed in Amritanubhava. Das Ganu told him, “If Baba wants me to write the tika, then He will give me the buddhi to make me understand the book, I will not go to anyone to learn it”. Dada Maharaj did not appreciate Das Ganu’s idea; but he prayed to Baba on Das Ganu’s behalf. Then Das Ganu began his commentary. After comments were written on 2 chapters, Das Ganu went to Dada Maharaj and the latter enquired about the commentary. Das Ganu read out his chapters. Hearing that, Dada Maharaj gave his compliments and said, “Baba is truly a Samartha. Because of his favor on you, such a tika has been written. There is no need for any one else to help you.



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