Baba’s Test and development of Faith



Baba’s Test and development of Faith


(1) Nana (GC), take your meal and go to the train. There is time.

(2) Nana, do not go to Kopergaon to-day (to meet the Collector. (Collector was absent & had wired).

(3) Dada (Kelkar), do not allow Saheb (HVS) to go to Manmad, to meet his superior officers. (Officers had cancelled the engagement).

(4) Kaka (Dixit); do not start for Bombay, to depose in the will case. (Case, not take taken up).

(5) Kaka, do not send your boy for the examination now. (Examination postponed due to ratfall).

(6) Moulana, do not go to-day to the Magistrate’s Court, for the case against you. (Case adjourned).

(7) Tatya, do not go to the bazaar to-day.

(8) Tatya, do not go to the Court to-day. (Case adjourned).

(9) Rangari Thanakar, do not start back. (He did Jutka broke).

(10) Manager, Sadashir Tarked, return to your Poona at once.

(11) Hansraj, do not take any medicines for your Asthma.

(12) Babugir (Gosavi), go (to Jalgaon). Everything will be provided. (For journey to Jamnere N.G.C.’s Minathayi).

(13) Bhav (Purandare, though late for the usual train) go to Kopergaon. (Train late).

(14) Bere, drive to Kopergaon at once, don’t halt on the way, or delay. (Bere thus escaped robbery).


(Baba’s Charters and Sayings # 143)



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