Total Faith Total Protection – Great Miracles of Sai Baba to Durgabai 1 of 3




Total Faith Total Protection – Great Miracles of Sai Baba to Durgabai 1 of 3


It was some time in the year 1913, when a woman wearing black sari and carrying an infant in her hand climbed steps of Dwarakamai in early morning. She placed the infant on the floor of the Masjid Mai and bowed down to its presiding deity Saibaba. The women whose name was Durgabai Karmarkar was so touched by Baba’s darshan that she forgot everything and tears flowed down her cheeks. At that very moment all her bad deeds vanished. Durgabai’s baby was eight months old. She was very poor and it seemed difficult for her to meet expenses for her stay in Shirdi.

Omnipotent Baba already knew about his fact and said, “This is Sai’s court. This Dwarakamai does good to everyone. Don’t worry about anything. Nothing can trouble you here. Now go and sit under that Neem tree. Sit there for three days without uttering a single word and don’t partake of any food or water. On the fourth day morning everything will be alright.”

Durgabai answered, “Baba! I am not bothered if I don’t get food or water for three consecutive days. But what about my little kid? He lives on milk. So if I get some milk let alone other food for him, it is enough for me. Baba! I am very poor. I have none to support”.

Baba answered, “Go, Go, if you don’t get milk for your kid, don’t give him anything. Just keep him sleeping. Allah is Malik! – Allah is Almighty!”. There was no doubt in Baba’s words for Durgabai. Still her eyes were wet with tears.

Durgabai decided to stick with Baba’s words whatever may be the consequence, good or bad. Baba’s words gave her immense strength to abide by this order.

Durgabai went and sat under the Neem tree as Baba’s words were law and strength for such helpless devotees. It was the same Neem tree where, today, Gurusthan is sighted. Three days passed by Durgabai without food and water and without uttering a single word to anyone. But more surprising fact here was that the infant of eight months also did not cry for milk or food. Even both mother and son did not attend to the nature’s calls during these three days.

On the fourth day in the early morning, Baba came and gave a piece of chapatti to Durgabai and placed a two rupee coin in her son’s hand to buy milk. Baba gave some advice to Durgabai, “Don’t talk with anyone unnecessarily. Be silent till it is possible. Serve others and that will be considered as My Service.” While such talks were going on between Baba and Durgabai, Balabhau having a hotel of his own in Shirdi, came to them and said to Baba with folded hands, “Baba! I take responsibility of this lady on my shoulders”.

Thus Baba arranged everything to feed that poor lady and her son. The infant was not named till then. Baba named him Raghunath.

Durgabai had decided to stay in Shirdi for seven to eight days. After this span of time, she went to Dwarakamai for permission to leave Shirdi. Baba said, “Go and sit at your place. I have pulled you here, but I have not pulled you here to return. I pull only those who are Mine.”



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