​Sri Shirdi Sai Baba’s Kafni cloth


​Sri Shirdi Sai Baba’s Kafni cloth


Sri Shirdi Sai Baba’s Kafni cloth “Whenever Sai Baba’s Kafni or Langot were worn out or torn, he never gave it to anybody, rather he used to burn them to ashes in Dhuni. And it was not compulsory that the clothes of Sai Baba had to be old in order to burn them.

Sometimes he even used to burn clothes which were used for a short time & sometimes he would repair the worn out clothes and use them. When Sai Baba’s clothes were torn, Tatya Patil used to tear them more by his fingers.

If Sai Baba wanted to take any devotee high up in the matter of spirituality, then that lucky person got Sai Baba’s old clothes as Prasad. The clothes of Sai Baba had immense powers in it. Once Sai Baba gifted His Kafni to Mhalsapati. The result was that till his death Mhalsapati lived like a sanyasi while also taking care of his family and social attachments.

In another instance, Sai Baba gave his Kafni to a devotee named Muktaram. As the Kafni was dirty, Muktaram washed it and placed it in Wada (Dharamshala) to dry. After this, Muktaram went for Baba’s Darshan. Vamanrao was present where the Kafni was kept for drying in Kaka Saheb Dixit’s Wada.

A voice came from the Kafni said – “See, Muktaram has brought me here and hanged upside down.”

Vamanrao immediately took the Kafni and wore it himself. After wearing the Kafni, Vamanrao went to Dwarkamai.

Sai Baba got angry when He saw the Kafni worn by Vamanrao. But Vamanrao was determined to take Sanyas. When time came after this incident Vamanrao went high up in the matter of spirituality.

On Tuesday 15th October`1918, the day Baba took Samadhi, an old cloth Bag that Baba never allowed anyone to touch was opened and in it a Green Kafni and a Green Cap were found, which were given to him by Kasi Ram, the tailor.

Baba had worn them also but later preferred white robes only. And, along with other items, this bag was also placed with Baba inside his Samadhi.

Nowdays, Baba’s other regular worn Kafni is kept at the “Sai Baba Museum” in Dixit Wada at Shirdi.”​


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