Passion, anger and greed are the three doors to hell; and are the cause for the destruction of the self. Therefore, they should be definitely discarded” – Shri Sai Samartha Satchrita, Ch. 14, Ove 150.

There was a man who was given to frequent bouts of anger. Over every trifle, he would lose his temper. This lost him many good friends, and people avoided coming into contact with him.

As days passed, they found that a remarkable change had come over him. He had become calm and gentle. Nothing could excite him. He hardly ever became angry.

Asked the reason for this tremendous change, the man said, “Every morning, as I wake up, I say to myself, “This new day comes to me out of the spotless Hands of the Lord. I have before the choice – either to be angry or not to angry. The choice I now make is, never to be angry!” I keep reminding myself throughout the day that I have made the choice and that I must be true to it! Come what may, I must not lose my temper, at least for this one day. I may be angry tomorrow – but surely, not today, for I have made the choice!”

How wonderful it would be, if we develop the will, not to be angry!



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