Experiences of Baba’s Representative – MADHAVRAO DESH PANDE ALIAS SHAMA Part 2 of 3



Experiences of Baba’s Representative – MADHAVRAO DESH PANDE ALIAS SHAMA Part 2 of 3

This is the story of Shri Tarkhad, when he visited Shirdi in December 1910 for the second time to take Baba’s Darshan. At that time, only Sathe’s Wada was available for staying. Tarkhad wanted to spend time away from the routine, daily responsibilities and problems of his job and family. His main wish was to spend the time at the feet of saintly person and get some peace of mind. On that occasion, he had come alone to Shirdi. On his arrival, he was very much fatigued because of the hassles of travelling, the strong sun and an unsatisfied urge to have tea since morning.

Tarkhad had just reached Sathe Wada. Immediately, his charge was taken by two gentlemen not very closely known to him. They bombarded him with questions relating to spiritual matters. However, he did not outwardly show that he is tired of their questions. He enjoyed the cup of tea provided by Balabhau (nephew of Nanasaheb Chandorkar. Nanasaheb had started an eatery for him in Shirdi.) and went to take Baba’s Darshan. However, he could not help thinking that he came here to get away from the botherations of Mumbai and have some mental peace. But, it seems that the nuisances would not leave me here also. I think, I unnecessarily came here. Mumbai was better. Such conflicting thoughts started going through his mind in just five minutes. In the same mental status, he went with Madhavrao to take Baba’s Darshan.

As per usual custom, he lit incense and camphor, placed coconut and bowed down in front of Baba. In blessing, Baba placed hand on his head, gave fruits as Prasad and asked him to be seated. In his own mind, Tarkhad was getting himself ready to take Baba’s permission to return to Mumbai.

Suddenly, Baba said to Madhavrao, Shamya, why is he behaving like this? Give him some advice. Go! Take Udi and sit peacefully in the Wada.

Taking the Udi, Tarkhad and Madhavrao came outside the compound of the Masjid on the street. There Madhavrao stopped Tarkhadand asked him, what had happened. Tarkhad narrated the chain of events. After hearing everything, Madhavrao said, this is the miracle and message of this God. He is teaching you that you must remain steadfast in your devotion – in spite of the problems posed by the mortal world. While facing the day to day hassles involved with your job, your mind must be focused on your God. Let us go back to our God and understand, what He has to say.

Both of them once again entered the Masjid. The moment they climbed the steps of the Masjid, Baba said, Bhau, always remember the words of Shama!

Seeing this miracle, Tarkhad was overwhelmed with emotions and placed his head on the ground in front of Baba. He realized the teaching of Baba- Even while facing the problems of day to day life, a disciple must be unwavering in his devotion to his Sadguru and his contentment must be constant.

Irrespective of Baba’s mood Madhavrao used to confidently go near Him, fill His Chillum and change Baba’s mood by tactful talk. Not only this, Madhavrao used to sometimes even quarrel with Baba, get angry with Him, bind Him with vows and sometimes even tell Him a few things of advice. Baba realizing the love and affection that Madhavrao had for Him used to only smile. Baba never got angry with him. Because Madhavrao’s total persona had become Saimay He constantly chanted the Jap Sainath, Sainath, Sainath. While he was awake, sleeping or dreaming, he saw only Sai. His all senses were laid at the Feet of Sai.

In his diary, Dadasaheb Khaparde has written an amazing episode about Madhavrao. On 8th December 1911, Khaparde writes – I had only heard about this phenomenon; but never experienced it. Now, I am seeing it with my eyes and hearing it with my ears. Madhavrao Deshpande is here and is fast asleep. With his every breath-in and breath-out, I can clearly hear, Sainath Maharaj Sainath Baba. While he is snoring, the words can be even heard from a little distance. This is really miraculous.

Madhavrao came to Shirdi in his childhood. Later on, he started working as a deputy or assistant teacher in the local school. He used to conduct his class in a room built by circle inspector Gopalrao Gund. (For some time Radhakrishna Aai stayed there and towards the end, it became a stable for the horse Shri Shamsundar) The room was made of bricks and mud. In one wall facing the Masjid, it had a small window. Madhavrao could see Baba sitting in the Dwarkamai or Masjid and observe His activities. Sometimes Baba sang songs in Arabic or Persian languages and Madhavrao could hear them in his class room.

When Madhavrao started working in the school, his age was about 14-15. At that time, he looked upon Baba as aChillum smoking, little mad young Fakir. Then he did not consider Baba as a Sagun Parmatma or Siddha Purush. This was the state of his mind for initial 10-12 years. The next 10-12 years, he started considering Baba as Sat Purush. Thereafter, as he spent more and more time in the company of Baba, he realized that Baba was a Siddha Purush and Moortimant Sagun Parmatma. He spent about 20-22 years obeying His Aadnya and serving His devotees. Thus, Madhavrao spent 42-43 years of his life in incessant company of Baba.

Madhavrao first saw Baba in the dilapidated Masjid. Shri Narke was very curious about Madhavrao’s unique relationship with Baba. It was Shri Narke’s nature to study things and find out cause. Accordingly, he wanted to know the reasons behind the familiarity in conversation and acquaintance between Madhavrao and Baba. The families of Madhavrao and Narke were very close. Taking advantage of this, Narke asked probing questions about the matter. Then, Madhavrao told his own story in detail.



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