Baba given darshan to Shri Narasinga Rao, took food in His House and Cured the disease of His wife.



Baba given darshan to Shri Narasinga Rao, took food in His House and Cured the disease of His wife.


In June, 1947, Shri Narasinga Rao, Nellore has admitted his wife in the Government Hospital, Atmakur (Nellore District) at midnight with a still child which she could not deliver. After the removal of the child in the hospital she developed high temperature and fits which continued for 12 days. Next morning after the admission of his wife in the hospital, he was served with an ousting orders from his temporary employment as a Clerk in the Revenue Department. Her treatment was very costly. He was pie less with three children with none at home to look after them. His friends met the cost of her treatment and gave shelter and food to his children. On 13th day, she was discharged from the hospital with a swollen and painful leg. His another doctor friend, Mr. V. Subbaramaiah treated her till she able to walk though not fully recovered. During this period, his only anchor was uttering the name of Shri Sai Baba and sang songs in praise of Him. One day in the morning when he came out of his house, he physically seen Sai Baba in his begging round face to face and was in state of stupor. After he came to his senses he asked him “May I know who you are (In English) He all on a sudden replied” You are a fool If you know who you are, you will know who I am” In English. He further asked him “May I request you to take food in my house?” He replied “I have come for that”. After he was comfortably seated, he began to serve food. But he told him “No not you. I want your wife to serve me food.” After taking His food, He laid down to rest on the bed. He has gone out to the market to fetch fruits for him and returned forthwith. But to his great astonishment, the Divine guest was not there. His wife was restored to perfect health within hours of His visit. After this incident, when his wife was in her way to frame Baba’s photo, she lost the photo. During the night Baba appeared in her dream Why weap? Select one among them and keep it for worship. Next day a Baktha from Shirdi came to his house and presented a printed picture of Baba which they still preserve it as sacred gift. He is well of now by the grace of Shri Sai Baba.

Surrender Shri Sai! Completely! Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there !!





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