What you sow you reap


Baba said, “Give with faith, give with magnanimity, i.e. liberally, give with modesty, with awe and with sympathy” in Sri Sai Satcharitra, Ch. XIV.


A wise man, on his deathbed, uttered the following statement,

“What I gave, I have.

What I spent, I had.

What I kept, I lost!”

Truer words were never spoken! Whatever wealth he had saved, hoarded, he could not carry with him after death – so, all that he had kept, was lost to him. Whatever he had spent, he had enjoyed the use of it on this earth – it was had, over and done with. But whatever he had given away in love, charity and service, out of the love of God, would be credited to his account in the Bank of Providence – so what he gave, he could have eternally!

The truly wealth man is not one who has – but one who gives away what he has!



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