Experiences of the Tarkhad Family with Shirdi SaiBaba 17b of 21 – Watermelon Skin & Norm of God


Experiences of the Tarkhad Family with Shirdi SaiBaba 17b of 21 – Watermelon Skin & Norm of God

Author: Virendra Jyotindra Tarkhad


Killing of Insects

During Baba’s lifetime devotees visiting Shirdi used to voluntarily take part in executing some duties such as cleaning of Dwarkamai, sweeping the road from Dwarkamai to LendiBaag, which Baba use to walk upon daily. These duties were not entrusted upon,but devotees would perform them as though they are offering their worship to Baba through such social deeds. The resident devotees of Shirdi were regularly performing such duties. My father whenever in Shirdi would undertake the job of cleaning the Petromax Lanterns and lighting them up in the evening and hang them in assigned places all over Dwarkamai. He would use that opportunity to seek clarification from Baba on any query he would tumble upon. Once he declared to Baba that he would no more light up the Petromax Lanterns because that act of him is making him to be a sinner. No sooner the Lanterns are lit and darkness approaches, lots of insects gather around the lamps and after hovering around for some time they fall beneath the lamp and die. In the event that he does not light the lamps they would not come there and possibly would not die. My father basically wanted to know why God had created such a phenomenon and Baba’s explanation on that matter. Baba laughed at that query and said “Hey Bhau, you are mad. Do you think that these insects will not die if you do not light the lanterns? They would go to the place where there are lamps and light and would die there. This is all Lord’s creation. He had planned their death at the time of their birth itself. In case Lamp or light is not there then other creatures would finish them. These types of deeds do not add to the sins of a human being. Your main intention of lighting the lamp is to remove the darkness from Dwarkamai so that the devotees can perform their worship with ease. You are therefore not indulging in any act of sin. The very fact that the dying of insects hurts you in itself is an indication that you have a kind heart. The Lord knows his duties very well and we need not interfere with his work. He has planned our end side by side while putting life into us. You therefore need not worry and continue to perform the work which gives you pleasure. Lord will be kind to you (ALLA BHALA KAREGA)”. So Baba’s teachings were very simple and of a convincing type. Through this incident he administered a noble advice to my father and made him aware of a norm created by God.



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