Experiences of the Tarkhad Family with Shirdi SaiBaba 17-a of 21 – Watermelon Skin & Norm of God Author: Viren dra Jyotindra Tarkhad



Experiences of the Tarkhad Family with Shirdi SaiBaba 17a of 21 – Watermelon Skin & Norm of God

Author: Virendra Jyotindra Tarkhad

Eating the Skin of Watermelon

During Baba’s lifetime, some people who visited Shirdi could not get his blessings, may be they lacked faith in him or maybe they did not have patience. These people were of elite class and whenever they had visited him, looking at his poor lifestyle they used to think how a “Fakir” like him can get rid of their problems. Of course Baba’s ways of handling issues were also very funny and difficult to understand in the very first meeting.

It was summer time. One woman vendor with a basket full of Watermelons came near Dwarkamai. Baba purchased all the Watermelons. He then cut one and made slices and started distributing them to all devotees present over there. They all were enjoying the Watermelon. Baba had not given a slice to my father who was also present over there. At that point of time one elite gentleman, well dressed accompanied with his two servants entered Dwarkamai. He was suffering from severe Diabetes and on the advice of someone he was visiting Shirdi. Baba did a funny thing. He took one slice and separated the skin and the pulp and offered the pulp to my father and the skin to the gentleman. The elite gentleman was rather annoyed and replied that he is not an animal like cow or a goat to eat the skin. Baba then offered the same to my father and said “Hey Bhau, you eat this now.” When my father had a bite at it, to his surprise it was soft like a Banana and sweeter than the pulp he had already consumed earlier. My father used to say that such sweet Watermelon he had never tasted in his life. The elite gentleman felt insulted and went away from there. He had probably missed his permanent cure on diabetes. My father expired at the age of 70 years and had no trace of diabetes till then. Dear devotees the real medicine was not in the substance but was there in those sacred hands of Baba which use to give that Midas Touch to that substance which then probably was getting converted to nectar. Those devotees who had realized these facts were immensely benefited. Of course Baba’s most important teachings were “SHRADDHA” means faith and “SABURI” means patience. Those who practice these two Mahamantras will always be successful in life.



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