Experiences of the Tarkhad Family with Shirdi SaiBaba 13 of 21 – Command over Fire Power



Experiences of the Tarkhad Family with Shirdi SaiBaba 13 of 21

Author: Virendra Jyotindra Tarkhad


Command over Fire Power

Once “DHUNI”, the sacred fireplace started by Baba in Dwarkamai was burning fiercely. Baba had already predicted the day of his departure from this world, hence I think it must be the day of “VIJAYADASHMI”, popularly known as Dassera. It was evening time. Baba had stationed himself at his usual sitting place opposite the Dhuni in Dwarkamai. My father was also present there. Every evening he would come to Dwarkamai, sit there and observe the interesting happenings if any and proceed with his duty of lighting the Petromax Lamps. That day Baba suddenly got up, went near Dhuni, moved some wood pieces and started murmuring something while pacing up and down in Dwarkamai. This was very unusual and my father felt that something strange is likely to happen. Here I must state that even in those days there were many devotees of Baba who were anxious to know the religion of Baba by birth i.e. whether he was a Hindu or a Muslim. In any case he was in human form so he must have taken birth from a human body, in which case whether his parents were Hindu or Muslim was the question? Of course my father cannot be an exception to the rule.

Baba was slowly turning into an angry mood. He started abusing people who had assembled over there. Here the fire in the Dhuni was also raging higher and higher in the same proportion of Baba’s angry mood. Entire Dwarkamai was lit up with the light from the firewood. By now Baba was charged with rage. He removed the cotton cloth tied to his head and threw it in the Dhuni. Suddenly the fire flames rose higher. Baba’s long hairs became free. After a little while Baba removed his Kafni and threw the same in the Dhuni. The fire flames rose still higher so much so,that people feared that the Dwarkamai would catch fire. Baba’s anger was reaching its zenith. He stood in front of the People in that angry mood and in a fraction of a second he removed his Langot”(loin cloth) and threw the same in raging Dhuni. He had thus become “DIGAMBER”(nude) and he stood in front of the people in that form. He then shouted at them and told them to look at his body and decide for themselves and ascertain whether he was Hindu or a Muslim. What a way to give proof of oneself.Now I am going to narrate to you what my father had seen at that time. My father used to say that Baba had acquired a very fiery posture. His eyeballs had turned red hot like burning coal and rays of light were emanatingfrom every pore of his body and his entire body was hidden behind that glow of spiritual ball of light. The light rays were so powerful that my father had to close his eyes. Needless to say that he could not make out the identity of Baba’s religion. All present in Dwarkamai were stunned, Baba’s shouts continued. The flames from Dhuni were reaching very high and throwing enormous amount of light. Outside there was severe lightning and thunder. Then Mr. Bhagoji Shinde, one close devotee of Baba a leper (Baba used to allow him to press his legs) came forward and with great courage tied the new “LANGOT”(loin-cloth) around his waist. Then Baba cooled down to normalcy. He lifted his “SATKA” and came close to the Dhuni. He started hitting the flames with the Satka and was saying “Ugi…Ugi.means calm down, calm down. With each stroke of Satka the flames lowered in height and soon everything was back to normal. Then people got the courage to make Baba wear a new Kafni and his hairs (JATA) were tied with new piece of cloth. Although it was very late but devotees venerated Baba and carried out the evening Aarati as usual. Of course what impressed my father most was that Great Godly Body of Baba emanating light and his powers of having command over the fire Baba has selected Vijaya Dashami day with a purpose. He had given indication to his devotees that this will be the day when he will bid bodily good bye to this world. Later in the year 1918 on the Vijayadashmi day Baba took Samadhi.

Dear Sai devotee readers after knowing this I think we all should bury the hatchet of anxiety about Baba’s religion and simply worship him with utmost devotion and 100 percent faith, for SAI means “SAAKSHAT ISHWAR”(GOD) who has no religion and is all pervading omnipotent and omnipresent.



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