TIRUMANTIRAM – TANTRA NINE – Verses 3026 to 3047 of 3047

tirumular 082


English translation of the Tamil Spiritual Classic by Saint Tirumular

TANTRA NINE – Verses 3026 to 3047 of 3047


3026: When Jiva Unites in Siva

Siva Bhoga there will be;

Unto it will be added a Light

That suffuses sentient knowledge;

The body by Mayaic experience harassed,

Will yours be, controlled full;

The Jiva’s pervasiveness

Will everywhere spread.


3027: Omniscience and Omnipresence in Siva-Jiva Union

There is no one place where I can seek

That Object I have known;

Taking to the astral way,

There as Perfection, will it appear;

Seeking within the body,

There a Living Light will it be;

You then becomes omniscient and omnipresent.


3028: Seek Inner Light and Be One in Lord

In the sea-girt world filled with sorrows,

Seek Inner Light in life here led,

The Lord resides within this body,

May you meet Him ever,

On the waves of Seas High.


3029: His Infinite Compassion For Jiva

He is the Light within the Lights Three-

Sun, Moon and Fire;

He is their Body too

He the Lord of Celestials;

Yet leaving luminosities,

He follows Jivas in expanses vast

In compassion great;

He the One as several proliferates.


3030: Jiva Becomes a Flaming Light

Entangled in crusted Karma;

That with their birth came;

They in the end realized Him,

And golden became;

He is the Spark within the spark of light,

The Being Divine,

If you reach Him,

A flaming Light you shall be.


3031: He is the Spark of Jnana in Ajna

He is the Divine Spark

Inside desires stands;

He is the Divine Spark,

Into the Three Lights-Sun, Moon and Fire-waxes,

He is the Divine Spark,

In the Fore-head Center as our Thought seated,

The Tapasvins great, too, unto Him stand.


3032: His is the Voice that Voices All

He is the Lord,

He is all in directions ten,

He is the seven expansive sea-girt worlds too,

Thus pervading,

He is the Speaker that speaks all.

(Thus the Jiva Siva Becomes.)


3033: He Has No Entry, Exit and Stay

He is unto the Garuda Bird, that in an instant sees all;

He protects the seven worlds entire,

He removes my Karmas,

He, the Pure One, the Birthless One,

He has Going, Coming and Mingling none.


3034: He Pervades All Worlds Alike

He is of the rich matted locks,

He is of hue golden,

Unattached He is,

Yet immanent in all He is,

He is omnipresent, birthless, the Holy God,

Unintermittent He stands,

In all worlds seven.


3035: He is Within the Flower’s Fragrance

Sentience He is, Life He is

Union He is, Senses He is

Continuity beyond Thought He is,

Within the Fragrance of the Flower He is.


3036: He Comprehends All

The Holy One,

Devoid of odor of Senses Five,

My Father;

The Bounteous One, all Jnana gives;

In the precious wisdom of Vedic sages

Diverse He stands,

Comprehending all.


3037: He is Light in the Eye of Jivas

He is Heavenly Being

He is beyond the worlds seven;

He is this earth too;

He is cool unto seven ocean waters

That this globe girdles;

He stands in Jivas united,

As Light in their eye.


3038: His Limitless Expansiveness

He stood as Brahma and Vishnu,

He stood as heaven and earth,

He stood stretching

To the farthest mountains and seas seven,

He stood as Ripe Rich Fruit too.


3039: He is Jiva and Master of Jiva

He is Lord of Worlds,

The Holy One, my Father,

He is Master Mahout,

Of Jivas all,

He is Jivas themselves too,

He is the Lord,

Whom all in endearment hold.


3040: He is the Spark of Life and Thought Within

He is Spark of Prana-breath within,

He is the Luminous Sun in firmament high,

He is the Breath of Wind that blows on land,

He is the Thought within all.


3041: He Effected Union With Jiva

In the orderly way of numerals and letters

The Lord created music and melody;

In His Glance, in His Thought, from within,

He effected rapturous union of Jiva and Siva,

Into one Family united.


3042: He is the Center of All

The cardinal directions eight,

The worlds above and worlds below,

In Him centering stood;

Thus, immanent in all, He pervaded all;

He of the flowing matted locks,

Bedecked with fragrant Konrai blooms.


3043: He is One and Many

The Lord is with creation all

None know His coming and going,

He is distant, He is near;

He is constant, He is Sankara,

He is the Primal Being;

Multiple He is, One He is,

He Our Primal Lord.


3044: He Knows All; But None Knows Him

He is Jiva’s knowledge,

He is the Ancient One,

Yet none know how He is;

In the universes eight all,

He knows all,

-He the Nandi, Our Lord Primal.


3045: He is Deathless

Water, earth, sky, fire and wind,

The spark of light within the body,

-All these He is;

He is Paraparam, He is Siva, Our Lord,

He is the walking Jiva here below,

Deathless He is.


3046: Tirumular’s Songs, Mantras and Instructions Have But One Import

The Three Times Thousand that Mula composed,

The Three Times Hundred Mantras that Mula chanted,

The Three Times Ten Instructions that Mula gave,

These Three that Mula said

Are all, all, of one import.



3047: Long May They Be

Long may they be, Long may they be, our Nandi’s Holy Feet!

Long may they be, Long may they be, the Feet of Him who severed Malas!

Long may they be, Long may they be, the Feet of Him of Divine Jnana;

Long may they be, Long may they be, the Feet of Him who has Mala none.





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