TIRUMANTIRAM – TANTRA NINE – Verses 3005 to 3025 of 3047

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English translation of the Tamil Spiritual Classic by Saint Tirumular

TANTRA NINE – Verses 3005 to 3025 of 3047

3005: Primal Lord is Everywhere-Above, Middle and Below

The Primal Lord is Our Lord,

He is the Light Resplendent of Spaces Vast,

He is the Lights Three-Sun, Moon and Fire;

The Primal Lord is beyond universes all,

He is below them and between them too.


3006: Lord Seeks Those Who Seek Him

Great is He, rising above macrocosm vast,

Subtle is He, within the fleshly body to births an heir,

As His devotees see the vision of His Holy Feet,

And walk toward Him,

He goes seeking them,

On their way.


3007: He Created All

All worlds by vast oceans girt

He, my Lord, filled pervasive;

In omniscience over-seeing all;

Of yore He created, all, entire,

And stood diffusing His golden hue,

In worlds everywhere.


3008: He Protects All

Through successive aeons several,

He stood as Paraparan Supreme;

All worlds He stood protecting

And this world too, as Paraparan Supreme;

This they know not;

He stood pervading the Jivas too,

Immanent in them and transcending them.


3009: He Pervades as Prana Breath

He is the Mighty God to adore,

None beside Him are;

He is the Sense, the Feel, the Sound, and Sound’s End;

He is the Body, too, of Jiva,

As Prana breath,

He the Lord is immanent in all.


3010: All Emanate From Him Alone

If directions cardinal are all of Siva,

Why speak of someone else, O! you men!

All smoke from Fire emanates,

All creation from our Primal Lord arises.


3011: The Pervasive Siva is Here as Well

The infinite spaces of the Seven worlds

He filled in oneness, expanding limitless;

Yet is He not easy of reach;

Siva Himself into myriad Jivas pervaded

In this world as well, He our Lord.


3012: He is Transcendental and Immanent

Beyond the Kalas Three He stands,

Seek Him;

He is the Lord;

He is the Master of Tattvas,

Priceless is He;

Peerless is He;

Beyond Celestials all is He;

Ageless is He;

Yet is He within you,

You but seek Him.


3013: He Redeems Jiva in Love

He severed Pasas

Of this world Brahma created;

He severed belittling desires

Vishnu to Jiva gives;

He severed Karmas interminable,

In His infinite divinity;

Thus me, the lowly, He redeemed,

And in endearment exceeding held me to Him.


3014: He Spreads Like Flower’s Fragrance

The Lord is the Light that moves directions eight;

He is the source of all Sound;

He is the eternal;

As on one land,

The nine universes He pervaded;

Unto the flower’s fragrance,

He spread everywhere.


3015: He is Interminal Light Beyond Words

He is and He is not; my Lord;

Break your stony heart and there He is;

Ancient is He, Pure is He, Constant is He, Pure Gem is He;

He is Light beyond speech

Interminable is he.


3016: He is Bounteous

Within heart is He,

Without, too, He says, “I am;”

The inscrutable Lord;

Nandi of fragrant matted locks;

Those who adore Him constant

Their sea of birth He severs;

He, of Bounteous Magnificence.


3017: He Transforms Celestial Beings

The Devas and Danavas* conflicting

Alike adore Him and daily seek Him;

They yearn for Him,

Within their heart and without;

He transforms them into Beings different,

He, the Lamp of Divine Light.


3018: He is Endless Bliss

He appears not in heavenly space,

Yet Form He has;

He is not visible to naked eye,

Yet is He visible to inner eye;

He is the fruit of music;

He is the goodly One;

He is the fruit of all good deeds;

Endless Bliss is He,

He our Lord.


3019: None Knows Him Full Well

The Noble One is He,

A Sea of Joy beloved by all,

He is the Radiance of Pearl pure,

He is Dark-blue Throated,

Him they contemplate over time immeasurable,

The Siddhas holy and Celestials exalted,

Yet full well they know Him not.


3020: Adore Lord

Many are the hues, so is the Lord,

Many are the goodly deeds, so is the pleasure;

Many are the vile deeds, so are the iniquities

They see all these,

Yet they adore not the Lord.


3021: Lord is Benevolent Like Rain

Here He is, there He is, everywhere He is,

In all worlds He is, the Holy Lord;

In darkness He is, Light He is;

In sun He is, in moon He is, everywhere He is;

Benevolent is Lord,

Unto the rain that falls.


3022: He is Cosmic Awareness

He is Sentience, He is Gracious

Wisdom subtle is to know Our Lord;

He is embrace, He is union

In divine awareness,

He stood as Body Cosmic.


3023: His Supreme Might

By His Might He supports worlds seven,

By His Might He is sublter than atom,

By His Might He surpasses

The eight mountain ranges in directions eight,

By His Might, the oceans roar.


3024: Lord Appears in Prayer and Penance

My Lord is of infinite greatness,

Yet is He within the littleness of this fleshly body;

Beyond the ken of Celestials is He;

Yet in prayer and penance

He Himself shall appear to you.


3025: Fruit of Jnana

The shoot of tiny banyan seed,

As a mighty tree within foul body grew,

And rich ripe fruit it bore;

They who ate, forever remained to be;

The fools who did not,

Remained in body,

Tossed about from birth to birth.



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