Baba given darshan to the unmarried daughter of Shri Rangu Atmaram Cholkar, Cholkar’s Bungalow Dahisar (Barolipo)



Baba given darshan to the unmarried daughter of Shri Rangu Atmaram Cholkar, Cholkar’s Bungalow Dahisar (Barolipo)


Shri Rangu Atmaram Cholkar, Cholkar’s Bungalow Dahisar was a devotee of Shri Sai Baba Shirdi. His unmarried daughter has completed two readings of Sai Satcharitra in two weeks. After her second reading was over on a Thursday, she prepared naivedya for offering and waited Baba’s darshan as specified in it. Baba came and sat in the Varandah of her house unseen. She saw him and recognised Him and helped him to enter the house by catching His hand. Then His hand was felt very hard to her. After going some distance, His hand became so soft that of a child and made him to sit in an asan. He talked to her in Hindi whether she would give dakshina, or Kambli. She replied that she would give Him all what she had. They made Arati to Him and offered to Him Naivedya. Baba ate all the eatables in the Naivedya plate and gave eight annas to her. She invited him to her Puja room. He visited her puja room and pointed out a photo to her. He asked her whose Photo is this?”, pointing to a particular Photo. She replied that it is His Photo (i.e.) Photo of Shri Sai Baba, Shirdi. He told Badhri, Haridwar, Rameswar and then Shirdi, by giving her a nice photo of Shri Sai Baba and gone out leaving his foot print one in Puja room and one in His place where He ate His naivedya. Then she followed Him and stood before Him. He asked her to go to her Puja room and went away to the village temple and asked the Pujari there to give Him Rs. 0-2-0 with him in his packet. He at once gave it to him. After about one hour, He again came to her house. She told him that he took only Naivedya and has not taken food and so saying she offered Him food. She asked prasad from it with His Hand. He gave prasad to her and to her sister in-Iaw. He asked her from her sister-in-law a chaddar and dakshina of Rs. 1-4-0. Her sister-in-law gave these to Him and requested His blessings. He blessed them that all will be well and gone away. She accompanied Him, but He disappeared after going about some distance. Baba thus fulfilled the wishes of His devotees.

Surrender Sri Sai Completely I Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there !!




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