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Baba said, “Our senses have been created by God with a tendency to move outward and so, man always looks outside himself and not inside. He who wants self-realization and immortal life, must turn his gaze inwards, and look to his inner Self” in Sri Sai Satcharitra, Ch. XVI & XVII.

A party of young men and women made merry in a grove, near Uruvela. It was the season of spring. The field and the gardens had banished the sleep of winter and were awake to greet the sun with their green leaves and fragrant flowers. And over the earth was spread an emerald carpet of grass.

The young men and women were in a holiday mood. They danced: they played: they made fun of each other. Feeling tired, they lay down to sleep. When they awoke, they found all their goods were gone!

They set out in search of the thief. They run hither and thither, but in vain. From a distance, they saw a tree underneath which sat the Buddha in lone majesty, his face shining as molten gold.

To the Buddha, they came and, prostrating themselves in reverence, said, “Sire! We are in search of the thief who has robbed us of our goods. Can you give us some clue?”

The Buddha smiled and said, “In search of the thief have you set out, my children! When will you set out in search of yourselves?”

What magnetism was there in the words of the Buddha? The young men listened spellbound. And they said, “Indeed, it is far better that we went in search of ourselves.”

The Blessed One looked long into their eyes and gazed into the depths of their aspiring hearts and said, “Subdue your passion for the pleasures of this world and the next. Conquer your lust and be free from the shackles of pride. So may you grow in the knowledge that is knowledge, indeed – the knowledge that removes the veils, and you will behold yourselves as you truly are!”

As they listened, their hearts fluttered within them like birds. And they said, “Master! We shall follow Thee! Accept us in Thy service and grant us refuge at Thy Lotus Feet!”



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