TIRUMANTIRAM – TANTRA NINE – Verses 2890 to 2913 of 3047

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English translation of the Tamil Spiritual Classic by Saint Tirumular

TANTRA NINE – Verses 2890 to 2913 of 3047

2890: The Perfect Ones Practice Yoga Daily

Level up Mind-Garden in equanimity

In devotion’s net, plant the cotton tree

By salvation’s rope enter the place of Three,

Daily do they ascend thus,

Who perfection filled are.


2891: The Six Evils Dwell Within and God’s Warning to Them

The Owl, the Snake, the Parrot and the Cat,

The Mynah and the Quail

They, all, within dwell;

As the Owl nears the Mynah

The Mouse warns Mynah, screeching loud.


2892: Kundalini Yoga Alone Drives Away Triple Pasas

In the toddy measure* of foul smell

That a derisive laugh draws and (senses) to shambles sends,

He placed the white rats three;

If on the fire* placed, they run;

Else they remain;

Of flesh-born,

How will they ever go?


2893: Libertion Possible Only By Renunciation

They enter the Forest dense,

No more will they see the Sky above,

The Five Steeds together entered,

The Six Camels were closed up, entire;

If they leave the Forest dense,

The Three will near come.


2894: Worldly Desires Lead to Perdition

Food, raiment and phialled unguents,

Necklace, waistband and bangles lovely,

They who (as goal) saw,

Fly away

Unto a garment piece on a high rock laid,

Into the deep pit of six sins they fall

And there immersed are.


2895: Kundalini Removes Obstacles to Reach Sahasrathala

Beyond the Islet beyond to the Mountain on the Bank

They daily thrice journeyed,

To superintend the Field there,

She there is, who moves the Mountain obstacle within stands;

Her place we know not.


2896: Kundalini Unites in Siva

The Kite and Parrot together beat the drum loud

The Shapely Lady her wedding celebrated,

The Form of the holy Element she attained,

In that state, rapturous She remained.


2897: Goal of Jiva is to Seek Liberation

The mating Bird pecked at food

And approaching its partner fed it

Unto it easy is the Goal to reach

For those who eat of Ghee in the melting Fire within

And away the Darkness drive.


2898: Mystic Flower Within

Leaves none, bees none, Flower there is;

Top none, sheath none, root there is;

Bunch none, Flower to pluck there is;

Head none to wear;

The Branch that bent withers not.


2899: The Truly Great Vision the Lord in Cranial Cavity

Visioning the Banyan tree that stands Beyond,

They adore the holy Lord and in Him unite;

Those who transcend the Five Sorrows exceeding

Are the truly great;

Low at Lord’s Feet they lie;

And there they remain.


2900: Conquer Senses and Reach Siva

In the Way of Loud Call of Jiva

Is a Forest that stretches two leagues far;

Inside stand Robber that ceases and binds,

If the White Guard chases the Black thieves

And away shout them loud

Then does Jiva the Roof of Safety reach.


2901: Sweet Ambrosia and Bitter Nux Vomica Within the Body

In the tank where bloomed Kotti and Lily

Are Neem and Nux Vomica, too;

They who eat not the Salad of Plantain sweet,

With candy and honey mixed,

Lo! hanker after the fruit of nux vomica.


2902: Sakti Grants Grace to Jiva

As He-Bee and She-Bee

The Lord is seated on the throne

The multi-hued umbrella aloft canopying,

The Lowly Bee, of Pasa embodied,

Drinks of (nectar), the She-Bee by Her glance grants;

That verily is rapture surpassing.


2903: Jivas Graze in the Backwood of Worldly Desires

What to do with those cows

In the backwoods of desires graze?

Take them beyond,

And lead them to Feet of Lord;

Discipline them in ways superior;

Thus manage the herd;

Until then, their thoughts turn not

From the backwoods of worldly pleasures.


2904: Lord in Sahasrathala

In the Water Above, the Lotus blossomed,

In the Water Below, the Lily arose

To those who can see light in the Cross-beam above

The Lord is unto a cool Watermelon,

That fruits even in regions low.


2905: Attaining Liberation in Sahasrathala

Six the Birds in the house of Five,

Hundred the birds at the top of Tree,

Having ascended the Seven Steps high,

You shall sure reach the Home.


2906: Light Dawns in Sahasrathala

Within the Bathing Well,

Where they water draw

The roundly Earth swells

And Water springs;

Bind your breath and with Rope-Work

And center your thoughts;

Well may the Light Divine dawn.


2907: Reach the Holy Temple of Sahasrathala

Seven the circling Seas, eight the Mountain ranges

In the depths of Space is Fire, Rain and Wind

And the Land expansive;

Visioning it, if you dwell in it

That verily a Holy Temple is.


2908: Body Invaded by Indriyas

Embracing in warmth and pregnancy developing,

They made this body and (the couple) left;

The body-pole thus erected;

The bewitching Birds of Deep well invaded;

This way was it made, through lives successive.


2909: Lord’s Love is Supreme

Two there are, the wedding drum and the wedding Thali;

Stronger than the wedding drum and thali is the crow-bar;

Stronger than the drum, thali and crow-bar

Is the love that comes of Lord’s Grace.


2910: Vision Siva and Attain Golden Form

They who saw the Fish, remain looking at the fish;

They who saw the Hare, are of the Three rid;

He who controlled the battle tumultuous,

See the Hidden Truth,

His form golden becomes.


2913: Lord is Hidden Deep Within

In the Tank where Reeds flourished,

In Creepers spread and entwined filled,

The Lord is not unto the stork that on them gently walks

Deep into the Rocky Floor, He dives

For Jiva’s redemption to grant.


2912: Yoga Way to Liberation

Of three leagues is the Garden below,

Of half a league is the Forest above,

Frontiers blurring the two routes intermingled;

They who can see the Frontiers clear

Can quick cross the backyard

And reach the Hamlet safe.


2913: No More Karmas if Yoga is Attained

When after Ploughing, Seed is cast,

And copious Rains fall,

And it soaks the Land,

No more will Karmas germinate;

Sure He comes,

The Lord of flourishing matted locks.



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