All physical tribulations, diseases, even leprosy and all other problems, which we have because of our actions in the previous birth, unless they are fully borne, we cannot be free from them, even by committing suicide.” – Shri Sai Samartha Satcharita, Ch. 26, Ove 138.

To the great Sufi teacher, Dhu-al-Nun, who, in his own days, was revered as a Qutab (Chief of Saints) and who was blessed with the power to work miracles, a friend wrote, “From my sick-bed, I appeal to you, O Friend of God, to pray for me that I may be relieved of this intolerable agony and soon become well again.”

Dhu-al Nun answered, “Beloved brother of the heart! You know not what you ask. How can I pray to God to take away His Grace from you?

“Veiled within the veil of affliction doth the Beloved come to us to bless us, to beautify our lives, to give us the only gifts that count – the gifts of the Spirit.

“So it is that the Sufis pray that sickness may be their constant companion. And the Sufis rejoice in the midst of misfortune. And with open arms, the Sufis welcome disapprobation of the crowd and calamity and disgrace.

“For such things truly lead to healing of the Spirit.

“Therefore my brother, I pray that God may make you ashamed of what you ask.

“And may He bless you that you may complain not, but, for every affliction, give gratitude to Him!

“The true lover of God entrusts all he is and all he has in the Safe Hands of Him whose Name is Compassion and Love!”



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