Experiences of the Tarkhad Family with Shirdi Sai Baba – An Introduction 1 of 22



Experiences of the Tarkhad Family with Shirdi Sai Baba – An Introduction 1 of 22

Author: Virendra Jyotindra Tarkhad

Dear readers, before I write these live experiences I beg the pardon from all of you for the single reason that these are not my own experiences but they were narrated to us by our father Shri. Jyotindra Ramchandia Tarkhad from time to time when he was alive. During my childhood when I used to listen to him while narrating, they used to sound like fairy tales for me. As I grew up and came to know about the supernatural powers of Shri of Shirdi, I realized that my father had experienced something divine during his ten years of association with and they were the precious possessions of his life time which is difficult for any common man to acquire. I used to always feel that I should open up these prized possessions to all of you but our daily routine is such that it is difficult for us to find time to devote for such spiritual writings.

I have visited Shirdi, the Karmabhoomi of several times, and during these visits I met several Sai devotees. During these meetings there was always a natural question whether I am also a Sai devotee. I used to feel rather awkward to declare so because the way my father used to perform Sai Pooja, I was no way near such devotional duty and used to tell those Sai devotees that I have some kind of unique connection with Shri because of my father’s association with him when he was alive and very much active in Shirdi and that is the main reason I visit Shirdi.

Primarily, there are three individuals in our Tarkhad Family who were the main cause of such connection. My grandmother (father’s mother), my grandfather Ramchandra Atmaram Tarkhad & my father Jyotindra Ramchandra Tarkhad. These three people came in contact with Shri and their association spanned from the year 1908 to 1918 (i.e.) till Sai took Maha Samadhi. As a result of this association subsequently for all members of Tarkhad family, was their God. Whenever a Sai devotee would make a request to narrate some divine experience encountered by my father, I used to oblige by narrating whatever used to come to my mind then. This used to take place in a place called Lendi Baug in Shirdi. After hearing the experience invariably the devotee would bow in front of me and touch my feet. I used to then feel very awkward. Once it so happened that a Sai Mandal from Pune requested me to come to Pune & narrate such experiences to Sai followers in Pune. I obliged them by visiting Pune along with my wife and children. That program lasted for two hours and after I completed my narration there was a big queue in front of me to perform Namaskar to me. As I was a family man I decided to stay away from such a function for simple reason that those were the experiences of my father and I might make some mistake during the narration. At the same time | decided that after I retired from the services, I would have free time which I could utilize to write out these ‘out of the world experiences’ of Tarkhad Family members. Of course the purpose is to express my devotion and love towards Shirdi . On 18 June 2003, I completed 60 Years & today on 15 August 2003 i.e. 57th Independence day of our beloved country India, I have commenced writing this book.

Dear Sai devotee reader, I wish to express that I am not Hon. Hemadpant, who has composed the Immortal Sai Satcharitra. I regularly read this Holy Book which consists of 54 Chapters covering the life span of Shirdi . There are incidences in this Holy Book when my father was also present in Shirdi and I shall be humbly narrating them to you as they were viewed and passed on to me by my father.

Dear readers please pardon me as I am not in a position to state the exact dates and time of these incidences but during the time span of 1908 to 1918 my father had visited Shirdi 17 times and his stay per visit used to be from 8 days to one month. During these 17 rounds, please believe me my father had a first hand experience of the divine powers of Shri which were in the true sense supernatural. In fact I wish he should have had written these himself as he was a student of St Xavier’s School. Of course the sole purpose of my writing is purely to express our deep and sincere Shraddha (faith) in Shri which gives me immense peace of mind.

Now, for a brief introduction about the Tarkhad Family. Our native place was Tarkhad village near Vasaj Fort (Fort of Bassein). Our surname is therefore Tarkhadkar. The history goes that my ancestors had fought the Battle of Bassein Fort along with the Great Maratha Warrior Chimaji Appa against the Portuguese who were defeated in the battle. As recognition of their bravery Chimaji Appa granted them Jahagiri of Tarkhad village. Later on British took over the fort from Marathas and my great-great grandfather, Pandurang Tarkhad shifted to Mumbai. He had built his Bungalow on Charni Road Chaupaty near Wilson College. Pandurang had two sons Dadoba and Atmaram. Out of this Dadoba became very famous Grammarian for writing the grammar books for Marathi speaking people who could speak and write correct English language. Second son Atmaram was doctor by profession. He was family doctor to the erstwhile Viceroy of Bombay. My grandfather Ramchandra Atmaram Tarkhad was a specialist in cotton textile & he was secretary to Khatau Group of Mills. He had established his own household in Bandra and later on came in contact with Shirdi Sai Baba. He was one of the founder members and the first treasurer of Shirdi Sai Sansthan. He extended all possible support to Dasganu Maharaj who was spreading Baba’s Message to people of Mumbai and Maharashtra. When you visit Shirdi Sai Samadhi Mandir you will find their photos amongst the photos of Baba’s devotees of that time. Late Annasaheb Dabholkar has written the famous Sai Satcharitra, which gives detailed accounts of Baba’s Leelas in Shirdi during his tenure.

The 9th chapter of Sai Satcharitra narrates the experiences of Tarkhad Family with . Babasaheb Tarkhad as stated in this 9th chapter is my grandfather. The lady Tarkhad as stated is my grandmother and their son as stated is my father Jyotindra Ramchandra Tarkhad. The life experiences as I am going to state in this book are mostly that of my father Jyotindra. He was born on 15th June 1895 and expired on 16th August

1965. Brief information about the author would be appropriate at this stage. My name is Virendra Jyotindra Tarkhad, second son of Jyotindra (1st son Ravindra has expired). I am an engineer by profession and have worked in two companies Crompton Greaves Ltd and Siemens India Ltd in the managerial capacity and currently I am a retired person staying at Santacruz.

Dear Sai devotees after going through this book if you wish to get in touch with me please do so but purely to express our mutual devotion towards Lord Sai. Sd/-V. J. Tarkhad



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