TIRUMANTIRAM – TANTRA NINE – Verses 2784 to 2803 of 3047



English translation of the Tamil Spiritual Classic by Saint Tirumular

TANTRA NINE – Verses 2784 to 2803 of 3047

2784: Dance of Triple Pasa-Riddance-Mohanta Dance


The three letters A, U and M (Aum)

The five letters Na, Ma, Si, Va, Ya became;

And as three hundred and sixty rays they became;

Commencing from Muladhara that the waters hold

In through the centers six (Adharas) and spheres three (Sun, Moon, Fire)

That the triple Karanas their end may see,

He in ancient Pasas Triple danced

The Dance of Mohanta (Impurity-riddance).


2785: He is Kalpaka Tree that Grants All Wishes


Above jewelled crowned heads of Celestials,

Are the flowery Feet of Lord,

A precious Jewel is He;

He adorns the rising heart of His loving devotees;

He is Tree Divine (Kalpaka Tharu)

Of Heavenly glades;

He transcends worlds all.


2786: When Creator Dances All Creation Dances


When the Creator dances

The Worlds He created dances;

To the measure He dances in our knowledge,

Our thoughts too dance;

When He in heart endearing dances,

The elements several too dance;

Flaming as Divine Five He dances,

That we witnessed in rapture surpassing.


2787: Primal Dance


“The Primal Dance He danced”

Thus say the holy ones;

None saw Him dance

That Primal Dance of yore;

When that Primal Dance they witness,

They dance indeed in the Grace

Of that Primal Sakti.


2788: He Danced in Asi Pada State


In the nine centers mystic within

The ninth state (Turiyatita) attained;

In the center that is love

His twin feet in Asi-Pada danced;

And as the anguished Sakti within Him danced,

My loving Father together with Her in rapture danced.


2789: Dance of Ananda (Bliss)


The Tattvas danced; Sadasiva danced;

The Thought danced; Siva-Sakti danced;

The creation vast danced; the Vedas danced;

The Lord too danced,

The Dance of Ananda (Divine Bliss).


2790: He Danced for Rishis Patanjali and Vyagrapada


In the splendorous Temple (of Chidambaram)

He danced,

For the two Rishis* to witness

He danced, Form, Formless and as Cosmic Form,

Within the Divine Grace of Sakti

He danced,

He the Siddha, the Ananda;

As Form of Grace

He stood and danced.


2791: He Danced in Vedanta-Siddhanta Truth


Siva danced, Sakti danced,

The worldly desires danced;

The space that dances not danced;

The Tattva-Nadanta wondrous danced;

When Siva danced inside of Truth,

That indeed is Vedanta-Siddhanta.


2792: Siva Natana


Nadanta that is end of Nada, (Principle of Sound)

Bodhanta that is end of Bodha (Jnana)

Vedanta that is end of Vedas

Sivananda that is Bliss of Siva,

Sadasivananda that is without end,

In all these, He dances the Siva Natana

He that is Nada Brahmam (Lord within the Sound-Principle).


2793: Jnana Dance


The perplexities of the Five Gods

Rudra and the rest to end,

The Jiva bonds standing afar,

In prayer to depart

The Holy Para by Himself dances everywhere;

Holy indeed is the Jnana Dance

That Sivananda Bliss fills.


2794: Dance in the Three Lights


As One Supreme He stood in times of yore,

Redeeming the Celestials countless,

He earned the name of Lord (Vikirtha)

He danced in the luminous Lights Three,

He accepted me in His Grace.


2795: He is Tattvas and Their Goal


The Lord is the beginning of Vedas

He is beyond Nada Tattvas;

(Knowing this not,)

They sought the pleasures of this world

And in them revelled;

He is the Tattvas in order placed

And their Lord too at once;

In that in separateness

He commingling stood.


2796: Dance of Bliss is Union in Siva


“Bliss Bliss,” they say;

Witless are they;

None know the Dance of Bliss;

Having witnessed the Dance of Bliss,

The Jiva its separateness ends,

And in Divine Bliss unites.


2797: Signification of Five-Lettered Mantra in Siva Dance


“Leave this, be reformed,”

-Thus to Jivas, gestures one hand in letter “Si;”

“Come unto me, Be united in me”

-Thus to Tapasvins gestures another flower-like hand in letter “Va;”

“Be in, Deva, fear not.”

Thus to Celestials gestures, the golden hand in letter “Ya.”

The hand that holds fire

Gestures the letter “Na;”

The foot on earth planted in dance

Gestures the letter “Ma;”

(Thus is the entire Five-Letter Mantra

“Si Va Ya Na Ma”

In Divine Dance denoted.)


2798: Further Signification of Dance-Form in Relation to Five Letter Mantra


The hand that holds the drum, (Si)

The hand that sways, (Va)

The hand that offers Refuge, (Ya)

The hand that holds the blazing Fire, (Na)

The lotus-foot, firm, on Anava Mala planted, (Ma)

-Thus of the Divine Dance Form

Si Va Ya Na Ma denotes.


2799: Symbolism of Siva Dance


Hara’s drum is creation;

Hara’s hand gesturing protection is preservation;

Hara’s fire is dissolution;

Hara’s foot planted down is Obfuscation (Tirodayi)

Hara’s foot, raised in dance, is Grace (Redemption) abiding.


2800: Sakti Witnesses Trinity Dance of Siva


The flaming fire is He;

The sparkling light within is He;

The Sakti of youthful eyes saw Him dance;

She saw the Three Gods merge

Into the One Primal Being;

In rapture She sang Vedas all.


2801: Para Sundara Dance in the Beyond


Nandi, My Father, Lord of Jnana,

In the one-letter mantra Aum, He entered,

Transcending it,

In the spaces beyond He dances,

In comeliness surpassing,

How shall I describe that Para Sundara Dance!


2802: Form of Siva


A lion-hearted Guru is Nandi,

In the Holy Temple He does dance;

None know His Form divine;

Fiery red smeared white it is;

They who see His Form

Reach the haven of Refuge.


2803: Sakti’s Grace Dance


Sakti in the Lord

Stands as Tat-Parai;

She forges the bond between Para and Jiva;

Standing as Iccha, Jnana and Kriya

She many acts performs;

And when She, Her Grace lends

You reach Hara’s loving Feet.



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