TIRUMANTIRAM – TANTRA NINE – Verses 2739 to 2761 of 3047



English translation of the Tamil Spiritual Classic by Saint Tirumular

TANTRA NINE – Verses 2739 to 2761 of 3047



2739: The Uncreated Being Dances


In south, north, east, west and crest

In the five faces wondrous therein,

In the void within void of peerless Bliss,

The Tat-Para dances the dance rare.


2740: He Dances, for His Devotees to Witness


Holy Devotees are they,

Who bliss of Hara’s Feet attained;

Holy Devotees are they,

Who in Hara entered;

Holy Devotees are they,

Who to Siva’s Holy Feet cling;

Holy Devotees are they,

Who witnessed true

The Lord’s dance in golden Hall (of the astral sphere).


2741: Effect of Witnessing Siva Dance in Golden Hall


Uncontrolled was I;

He controlled me;

He blessed me with His Holy Feet;

He immersed me in Transcendental Bliss immense

Thus He dances, Our Nandi,

The goodly dancer of Jnana Dance;

Unto a picture He made me sit still

And in me abided.


2742: In Golden Hall He Dances in Intimacy of Jiva


In High Heaven He dances;

In Excellence He dances;

In the Red-Gold Hall

The Valiant Sentinel dances,

In the intimacy of Jiva He dances;

As Tat-Para He dances;

Him I sought in rapture divine

And in love adored.


2743: Siva-Bliss Dance Beyond Description


He dances as a Red Ruby within,

He dances in the flourishing Tillai;

He dances in the Jewelled Hall,

He dances with matted locks;

He dances in the distant Light Divine;

He dances in Sivananda Bliss;

He dances the Pure Gold dance;

Who shall describe Him indeed that thus dances.


2744: Dance Emotions of Devotees


They sob, they fear, they fall, they rise’

Their body exhausted,

Themselves they are unaware of,

Their powers lost;

Thus are they in the Holy Temple dance;

They who in love adore

The Holy Feet of Lord,

Flower-like and golden.


2745: When They Witness Holy Dance


World-seeking you no more hanker after;

No more bewildered are your thoughts;

Sorrows harass not your body within;

Your breath will be trained in the Yogic way;

Your senses controlled from straying away;

All desires are rid;

The heart elates in bliss-seeking;

Thus it is,

When the Holy Dance they witness.


2746: How He Dances in Golden Hall


He dances with Kali;

He dances in the Golden Hall;

He dances with Demons;

He dances in the world;

He dances in water, fire, wind and sky

He dances in the Temple Holy day after day

He, the Lord Supreme.


2747: Siva’s Spheres of Dance Within


The central spinal column that is Meru

The Nadis, Ida (Left) and Pingala (Right),

The Jiva’s delta-shaped Muladhara

The Sushumna Cavity that is unto Tillai Forest

Where the cool (southerly) breeze from Mount Malaya wafts

All these alike are Siva’s Spheres of Dance.


2748: Mystic Frontiers of our Universe


The Land of Mount Meru,

And the Land of South that lies beyond it

Are the Ida, Pingala;

The Holy Hall where the Lord of Crescent Moon dances,

Is the Sushumna

-Thus lie the frontiers of this universe vast.




2749: Inner Meaning of Golden Tillai Dance

The seven universes as His golden abode,

The five elements, sky and the rest as pedestal

The central Kundalini Sakti as Divine Hall

Thus in rapture He danced,

He that is Cosmic Light.


2750: Dance in the South


In the Center the Guru indicated,

Within the head, He as Bliss danced;

Then moving South

In renewed ecstasy espousing Sakti,

He with Her in Eternal Bliss danced.


2751: Nadanta Dance


The Primal Para danced;

The Fire in His hand danced;

The Holy matted lock danced;

In intoxication of joy He danced;

The crescent moon danced;

The heavenly orbs danced;

Merging in Nada He danced,

The Dance of Nadanta, heavenly.


2752: Dance Cosmic


There in the Holy Hall the Lord danced,

The Jivas to adore;

The dance He dances,

Is the Dance Cosmic;

It is the dance that takes you

To Truth of Siva’s realm;

There verily is the limit of Mauna Jnana Bliss.


2753: Dance Ensemble


The universes seven;

The worlds thrice seven;

The religions a hundred and eight

-That the path to God show;

The heavenly states of Bliss four,

-Nada, Nadanta, Natana, Natananta-

The Sakti that is His Half;

With them all,

Para’s Holy Feet danced and danced.


2754: Pervasive Dance in the Mystic Centers


Idakalai,* Pingalai,*

The delta-shaped Muladhara

The Central spinal column Meru,

Where (Kundalini) Sakti is

The Sushumna cavity within

That is unto the Tillai Forest

-In all these the Primal One pervaded,

He that is Paraparam.


2755: South the Holy Land


At the Land’s End is KanyaKumari;

And then the Kaveri

And other holy waters

The nine “theerthas” comprise;

And the seven sacred hills too;

In that land are born the Veda-Agamas;

Thus blessed,

The South is the Holy Land indeed.


2756: Where He Dances Solo


He dances in Nada

He dances in the States Four*

He dances in Veda

He dances on the Fire’s top

He dances in Bodha,

He dances in worlds all

He the Blemishless One,

The Lord of Celestials countless.


2757: He Dances in Holy Ensemble


He dances with the Celestials,

He dances in the Holy Temple,

He dances with the Gods Three,

He dances with the assemblage of Munis,

He dances in song,

He dances in Parasakti

He dances in Jivas

He, the Lord of Dances.


2758: Guru Para Dance in Holy Temple


“I am the Lord of Six Ways to God,

I am the Guru Supreme, religions speak of,”

Thus saying,

He chose the Holy Temple in South*;

And there in resplendence dances,

With peer none to compare.


2759: Siva-State


The Spaces Vast are His dance arena,

Upon that my Paran dances;

The radiance of His twin Feet

Ascendes to heavens high,

And reaches to Five-lettered Nada’s point;

He does descend to you and bless you,

His Siva-State confer on you.


2760: Varied Dances


And the dances varied,

With it the foot-work

And the jingle of the anklets

And the songs sung

And the Forms He assumed,

-So, the Guru Para dances;

Seek that dance within

And your birth’s cycle forever end.


2761: He Dances as Prana


As Prana that in heart arises

To permeate your hands and feet,

And sense organs all,

-Thus He dances

In the arena of nine gems,

He the Red-Ruby Dancer;

As the Holy Guru He danced in rapture

In places all.



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