TIRUMANTIRAM – TANTRA NINE – Verses 2718 to 2738 of 3047


English translation of the Tamil Spiritual Classic by Saint Tirumular

TANTRA NINE – Verses 2718 to 2738 of 3047


2718: Bliss From Si Va Ya Siva Siva

Saying Si Va Ya Na Ma,

Center your thoughts,

All perils your vassals will be;

Let the words Si Va Ya Siva Siva

Fill your thoughts unceasing;

Conquering all perils,

Bliss there shall be.


2719: Five-Lettered Holy Word Leads to Samadhi

Penetrating the fiery Sphere of Sun

And passing beyond into the sphere of cloud-laden Meru

By the Adhara Way,

He (the yogi) there in Samadhi slumbers;

And then articulating the Holy Word

He sees the Lord

And is forever absorbed in His thought.


2720: Chant “Si” and Cross the River of Life

All that is spoken in Vedas, Vedangas and Agamas

Are in my Lord’s One Letter contained

Freed of doubts,

If that One letter “Si” is consummated,

The boat of life reaches the lovely shore across.


2721: The Five Letters Unwrites Fate’s Letters

Ripe they hang

The Letters Five

In Vedas ancient;

They know not the Way

To Slumber-in-Waking;

“Letters we know,” they say

Witless are they;

They know not the Letter

That their Fate’s Letter unwrites.



2722: Siva’s Sport Divine

Everywhere is the Holy Form;

Everywhere is Siva-Sakti;

Everywhere is Chidambaram;

Everywhere is Divine Dance;

As everywhere Siva is,

Everywhere Siva’s Grace is

All, all, His Sport Divine.


2723: Siva’s Five Dances

He is Chit-Para of Divine Light,

He dances the Dance of Bliss (Ananda Dance);

He is Nada that is “Aum”

He dances the Dance of Beauty (Sundara Dance);

He dances in Golden Hall (Golden Dance);

He dances in the Golden Tillai (Golden Tillai Dance);

He dances the Dance Wondrous (Atbudha Dance);

Who knows Him ever?



2724: Ananda Dance is Honey-Sweet

Endless is She,

Sakti of abiding Bliss;

With Her He dances the Ananda Dance

Honey-sweet it is;

You have witnessed it;

And having witnessed it,

Dance transcending knowledge all;

You, then, become the arena

For Lord’s Ananda Dance to perform.


2725: It is Bliss

Bliss is His Dance Arena;

Bliss the Song’s melody;

Bliss the music’s refrain;

Bliss the musical organs;

Bliss for the creation entire,

Bliss too for Lord,

Who the Ananda Dance dances.


2726: It is End of Jnana

The Param that is Light

The Param that Jiva unites in,

The Param that is Sivakami

Who as Sakti in Grace abounds;

And the bliss of faiths all,

-Are all attained,

When Sivananda Dance witnessed,

The Dance that is the end of Knowledge Pure.


2727: Through Five Dances Siva Performs Five Acts

Five are the dances

That He the Form-Formless performs;

The Five dances He dances

The Five acts to perform;

The Five acts He performs

With Sakti-Grace in Him;

And so the Lord dances with Sakti

That is of honey-speech.


2728: Siva’s Cosmic Sway

The Universe of Elements Five,

The Universe of Elements Other,

The Universe of Bhoga,

The Universe of Yoga,

The Universe of Time,

The Universe of Mukti,

The Universe of Passions

The Universe of Appetites

-Over these universes

That He created,

Siva His sway holds,

The Five Acts performing;

Alone Seated as Tatpara,

In the Cosmos Entire-Brahmanda.


2729: Jnana-Ananda Dance

The Vedas danced, the Agamas danced;

The melodies danced, the seven universes danced;

The elements danced, and the worlds entire danced;

With Nada Sakti the Lord danced,

The Dance of Divine Knowledge-Bliss (Jnana-Ananda).


2730: Siddha-Lord Dances

In the elements Five,

In the senses Five,

In the sense organs Five,

In the Vedas and Agamas together Five,

(In Kala, and Kala (Time’s Eternity))

In the Higher Siva Tattvas Five,

(Suddha Vidya, Iswaram, Sadakyam, Sakti, Sivam)

In all these, intermingling

The Great Siddha-Lord dances.


2731: When the Lord Danced

The Devas, Asuras, Humans, Siddhas and Vidyadharas,

The Primal Three, the Three-and-thirty gods,

The Rishis seven, the Faiths several,

And the creation all, movable and immovable,

-All these danced,

When my Lord danced.



2732: Dance in the Beyond as Compassion Embodied

Beyond, beyond, the universes seven,

High above Sakti and Sadasiva,

The dark-throated Lord,

As compassion embodied,

Danced in rapture

For Uma there to witness.


2733: The Dances of Siva, Eight and Five-Witnessed in Six Adharas

Kodukkotti, Pandarangam, Kodu, Samharam and others,

-These Eight dances He danced,

The Five dances too He danced,

All these you witness in the Nadis (Adharas) six;

In the yogic way;

He danced too in the forests of Deva-daru,

And in Tillai and in Alavanam

-He the King Supreme.


2734: Siva Dances Through Cosmos

At the crest of Cosmos of galaxies vast (Paramandam)

Are the Holy Feet of Parasakti;

At the crest of Cosmos

Is the radiant Light of Isa

Permeating the Cosmos

Is the expansive Nada;

There through the Cosmos vast

Does the Paran dance unceasing.


2735: He Dances in Sushumna and in Jnana that Arises in Yoga

In Yoga

That unto elephant goad subdues the senses,

Is Bodha (Jnana);

There arises in rhythmic cadence

The drum-beat of Thom-Theem;

To that, Sankaran, in accord, dance

Within the central Sushumna Nadi;

When He thus dances, He enters in you,

And there abides, never to leave ever after.


2736: Siva Danced Away From Within Jiva to Jnana

He danced, Jivas to delight;

He danced nine dances,

The nine Saktis to delight;

He danced in forests;

He danced in the thoughts of His devotees;

He danced in the junction of Sushumna within;

He danced in Jnana Endless;

Thus He danced away,

He, my Lord.


2737: Other Places Where He Danced

Saktis Five, Siva forms Five,

Muktis Eight, Primal States Eight,

Siddhis Eight, Siva States Eight,

Suddhis Eight

-In all these Lord dances

His ancient dance.


2738: Categories at the Feet of Dancing Siva

The clouds seven, the sea-girt continents seven,

The bodies seven, the Siva-Suns seven,

The appetites seven, the alleviations (Santis) seven,

All these contained are,

At the Feet of (Dancing) Nandi.




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