TIRUMANTIRAM – TANTRA NINE – Verses 2675 to 2697 of 3047


English translation of the Tamil Spiritual Classic by Saint Tirumular

TANTRA NINE – Verses 2675 to 2697 of 3047


2675: Articulate Pranava is Siva’s Form; Inarticulate Pranava Sakti’s Form

The Sthula (articulate) Pranava (Aum)

Is the mighty key-word to Bliss of Manifestness (Svarupa)

The Sukshma (inarticulate) Pranava

Is Sakti’s Divine Manifestness (Svarupa)

The Mudra (Jnana) is the Cause of that Manifestness

The Pranava aloft is the Vedanta Highway.


2676: Greatness of Aum

Aum is the one Word Supreme;

Aum is the Form-Formless;

Aum is the Infinite Diversity;

Aum is Siddhi and Mukti radiant.


2677: In Aum Jiva, Para and Siva Merge

In Aum arose the elements five;

In Aum arose the creation entire;

In the atita (finite) of Aum

The three Jivas merged;

Aum is the Form

Of Jiva, Para and Siva in union.


2678: Aum is Bliss of Brahman, the Universe and the Adharas

That letter-cluster (Aum made up of letters A-U-M)

Is the Bliss of Brahman;

The Subtle One

As visible creation vast expands;

The Adharas, all, comprise its Form;

Thus is it Known to Jnanis of knowledge vast.


2679: Goodly Teaching of Sanmarga

My despairing thoughts

Are in confusion thrown;

The steady thoughts

Lead to vision clear of Light Divine;

The steadfast mind

Is the place, environs and devotion appropriate;

Goodly indeed is Upadesa (teaching) of Sanmarga (Jnana).


2680: Ascending Order to Finite Goal Within

To vision the Sixteen-Petalled Center within is Sodasa

It is the Way of Sanmargis;

Beyond is the end of Nine centers,*

Still beyond is Pranava

Ascending further beyond is the End Finite,

Of Jnana (Knowledge) and Jneya (Known) in one.



2681: Know Light Within

Know the Light, your Form becomes Light;

Know the Hidden Form; you that Form become;

Know the Light’s Form; you that Light become;

That Light within you to melt, He in love stands.


2682: That Light Dispels Soul’s Darkness

Easy to enter the Universe of Eight;*

That spreading Light of immense vastness

Dispells the Primordial darkness entire;

In the Mystic Lotus within as day-light it spreads;

Dispelling contending Pasas,

Was my Lord there seated.


2683: The Light Within is the Source of All Light

The luminaries Fire, Sun and Moon

Their luminousness received by Grace of Divine Light;

The Light that gave that Light

Is a Mighty Light of Effulgence Immense;

That Light dispelling my darkness,

In me stood into oneness suffused.


2684: Lord’s Form is Light

The Lord is the Effulgent Light,

Birth He has none;

The luminous sun and moon are His eyes;

The lustrous fire is His Fore-Head Eye;

Thus is His Resplendent Form of dazzling Light.


2685: That Light Engrosses the Light of the Five Elements

Below that Light Above

Is the wind, earth, fire, sky and water;

Rousing the Light (of Kundalini) within

You shall in the astral sphere be;

There indeed is the one Light

That engrosses the lights of elements five.


2686: The Light Within is the Blending of All Lights-Jnana, Siva and Pranava

That Light within

Is pure as light of lightning;

It is Light that is great and red;

It is the Light of Param

That beams Jnana;

It is the Light of Adharas six ascended,

It is the Light born of constant thought on Pure Word (Aum)

It is the Light that is blended of these lights all.


2687: The Little Light Within Points to the Effulgent Light

The Effulgent Light stands as a sparkling light concealed

That ever to the shining Lord points;

It is the light of the heart;

It is the rich light that within the body pulsates

Pervading all,

-Thus did the Lord as Light stand.


2688: Divine Light Devours Soul’s Darkness

Luminous is that Light;

It is Light that devours Soul’s darkness;

It is Light of those who adore Him in Jnana Light;

He devours the poison that with ambrosia arises

From the milky seas

And holds it in His throat ever;

Unto it, is His Light too.


2689: When the Lights of Siva and Sakti Blend in Jiva Light

As unto the Light of Lord

That in Him reposes;

Is the Light of His Sakti Grace,

When the three lights Sun, Moon and Fire

Within shines by Yoga Way,

The Lord, indeed, nears you,

As one Light in your inner Light.


2690: Lord’s Light and Jiva’s Light Merge Within

The Light within is but Jiva;

The Lord too who stood within was a gemly Light Effulgent;

Flashing as lightning in the astral sphere,

That Light with Sakti’s Light and Jiva’s Light into one merged.


2691: Dancing in the Darkness of Pasa, Siva Light Enters Ummara Sakti

The Lord that is Light Effulgent,

Entering the dark arena of Pasa

Dances as Light in that darkness;

As the Forehead-Eyed God thus dances,

He as Light Effulgent in Ummara Sakti merged.


2692: Siva’s Light Becomes Sakti’s Light of Grace

Those who thus went by the Secret Way of Yoga,

Reached Sakti of dark fragrant tresses;

Primal Parai She is;

One with Lord of Celestial’s Light She is;

-The Light beyond the Pure Void

That Light of Her forever dispelled Pasa’s creeping darkness.


2693: Even Sceptics Can Reach that Light if they Seek in Devotion

“God there is; God there is none”

Thus the men of world diverse hold;

Will they who hold “Primal there is none,”

Ever reach Siva State?

Even they who say, “We saw not God”

If in devotion stand,

He as Light Effulgent in them is;

He the Light of Astral Sphere (Chidambaram) within.


2694: He Who Receives Siva’s Light Becomes Jivan Mukta, Rid of Mayaic Darkness

The light Effulgent that glows afar

Is the Lord that spreads His beams as unto the Sun;

When He the Maya’s darkness dispells,

Jiva in this body, a Jnani-Renunciate becomes (Jivan Mukta).


2695: Jiva Purified by Siva’s Light Unites in Him

His Holy Form is of shimmering coral-hue;

He wears the holy ashes pure white;

He is crimson as pure gold and coral ripe;

He is the Primal Lord;

When I, dispelled of my darkness,

Shone as coral red,

He, the Dancing Lord,

In me in union stood.


2696: Jiva then Blossoms as Divine Flower

In the Heavens stood Lord;

The Celestials, too, stood there;

Yet they knew Him not,

And bewildered ever stand;

When Pasa’s desires

And the odor of Karma Past

Together leave,

The Jiva as a Flower of Divine blossoms.


2697: Seek Himself as Yourself

Himself as Lord

In all things, He alone is;

Himself is Yourself

Thus you seek Him;

The very Heaven is He in this vast earth;

Sweet is He;

May you Him adore.



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