TIRUMANTIRAM – TANTRA NINE – Verses 2649 to 2674 of 3047


English translation of the Tamil Spiritual Classic by Saint Tirumular

TANTRA NINE – Verses 2649 to 2674 of 3047



2649: Gurus Have Reached Lord’s Feet

Smoke and sound

Oblations and sacrificial offering

In worship spread;

“All these are for my Lord;”

The Gurus who thus meditate,

Who have monasteries founded,

Have verily reached Feet of Lord.


2650: Lord is in the Body

None the habitation the Lord has

But the body-house of Jiva;

Or has the Lord any other home?

Let them find out;

Even after having found out

That Jiva’s body is Siva’s home

They say, “He (Lord) is outside.”


2651: Great Way of Seeking

Having discovered the Great Way of seeking

The flower-decked feet of Siva I reached within;

Beyond seeking is He;

Greatness indeed is where He resides;

He stood as life of the revolving world.


2652: Revelation of Lord’s Abode

I shall reveal where He is seated;

And where His mountain is;

I shall reveal where His retreat-cave is

And where that is located;

I shall reveal where His Adharas (triple) are;

And the forest where He is

All these eight I shall reveal

To denizens of world here below.


2653: Lord is in Guru’s Monastery

The Guru-face is Lord’s pedestal

The monastery is Lord’s Holy Land;

The Holy Assembly of blemishless vision

Is Lord’s abode;

The heart that performs the Sixteen worships inside

Is Lord’s sacred throne;

The Adharas within

Are Lord’s astral cave.


2654: Lord’s Abode Inside the Body

The Adharas six are His pedestal inward

The Sakti pervasive is His Throne

The universal God within is Siva Himself;

Thus it is,

For these who inward reflect and know.


2655: Jnanis Seek Lord Within the Light of Manifestness

Mayas twine envelope the body of sheaths five

When their end they reach,

The Holy Light of itself appears;

Those who seek the Truth in that Manifestness (Svarupa)

Are the Jnanis, in Silentness Exceeding.




2656: When the Holy Guru Appears

When the Tattvas six and thirty subdued are,

Then shall the Holy Guru appear

For you to adore;

Siva-State too will on you be conferred;

And then will well up the Bliss Ineffable.


2657: Parasivam is Beyond the Three Turiyas

Beyond the Turiyas Three

Is the Light Resplendent;

It is the Parasiva that pervades all;

In that Land

That knows neither contraction nor expansion

Are the Feet of Guru Holy

That, beyond speech, is.


2658: What These Body Organs are for

To bear Nandi’s Feet, I was gifted this head;

To praise Nandi Great, I was gifted this mouth;

To vision Nandi Eternal, I was gifted these eyes;

To think of Nandi afar, I was gifted this mind.


2659: At the Thought of Guru’s Form Impurities Vanish

At the thought of Garuda’s form

The serpent’s poison leaves

Its terrors lose;

Unto it,

At the thought of Guru’s form

The triple Malas leave instant;

The Jiva then Siva becomes.


2660: When Jiva Becomes Siva

None know where the Lord resides,

To those who seek where the Lord resides

The Lord within them resides;

When they the Lord see,

Jiva becomes Siva.


2661: God is in the Silentness of Perception Beyond Three Turiyas

To perceive the things that appear,

To perceive the things that appear not,

That is Knowledge Higher;

To perceive the things in ways different

As in waking, dreaming and rest of states,

-These three perceptions will there be not,

In the State the Three Turiyas transcended;

There Nandi stands firm, in Silentness Exalted.


2662: Sakti is in Ajna Center

In the Center between the eye-brows

Is the Sphere of the Moon;

There on the flower of petals two

Is Virgin Sakti seated;

Radiant as Crystal is Her Form;

(To vision Her)

Seek you the Guru

Who all bonds sundered.


2663: Siva is in Sahasrathala (North)

Into heart He entered,

For the seven Worlds to rejoice;

Into earth He entered

For the heavens to support;

Into rage He entered

For the eight directions to tremble;

Into wilderness He entered

His abode in North Mountain to be.


2664: Way of Seeking Within Leads to Supreme Attainment

Of five sheaths is the Jiva’s body;

Unto a forest is that body

Where the Jiva-bird its abode has;

If the Jiva seeks the Way of Sixteen worships

Then is Jiva’s Ten attainments are.


2665: Love Lord and Sever Pasas

Our Holy Nandi

Once He loves, separation Knows not;

Think of His Form

And within you He melts;

Enter into His Essence

And see Him in your heart;

For those who can do this,

The seminal Karmas slumbering die;

The Ego-Consciousness forever perishes.


2666: Lord can be Reached by Earnest Seeking

Reach you may

Our Holy One that is Truth Perfect;

Sunder Pasas strong and away cast them;

Seek Him firm and think constant within;

Reached then shall be

The Holy One that is Dharma.


2667: Think of Him and He Thinks of You

Think of Him,

And He thinks of those who think of Him;

Think of Him, the radiance that is,

Of the Flower that blooms in the Divine Fount within;

Smaller than the split grain may they be,

But if firm they hold Him,

Great they shall sure be.


2668: In Seeking be not Discouraged by Initial Failures

When you seek to reach the Lord

And have a miss,

Take it as the work of your evil Karma in the past,

And so persevere in your devotion fervent;

You shall at last reach the Primal Lord.


2669: How Lord Enters Within

Thinking of Lord

Their inconstancy lost;

Uniting in Lord

Their existence lost;

In their thoughts

Their ego lost;

Thus he entered

Showing the Way Illumined.


2670: Holy Guru Shows the Light in Eye-Brow Center

Unto a lustrous ray of red gem

On to a green stone set

Is the Holy Guru’s Jnana precept;

That ray in the eye-brow Center is;

It is the Light within the Light Resplendent.


2671: God’s Form

As mouth, eye, body and life

The Yoga-God is;

Beyond earth, water, fire, wind and sky

Void His Form is.


2672: His Love for Sakti and His Devotees

Praise Him as your Pati (Lord)

In all Worlds Parasiva’s writ runns;

His one half to the Great Grace lends;

The other half to His devotees gave

For their goal to reach;

He who this world fashioned.


2673: By Grace He Can Be Seen

He is the Lord of Heavens,

By the vast spatial glades surrounded;

Except Him we know Param (supreme) none;

Of the Celestials, Vanavas and Dhanavas,

None have seen Him ever;

Only those who received His Grace

Have seen Him forever.


2674: Grace Gives Clear Vision

He made Jivas renounce

That they the Lord adore;

He made them praise Him in words meek;

That He the Nandi His Grace confers;

No more the other Gods we adore;

Our vision is clear now;

We became the Object

For other Jivas to seek and worship.



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