Sadguru, You have saved me

Sadguru, You have saved me

Chandorkar and others were drenched in the happy rain of Baba’s instruction. Chandorkar saluted Baba reverently with folded hands and said, “Oh thou the delight of the devotee! Thou full moon who casts his cool rays to give comfort to thy devotees! Thou ocean of all knowledge! Please remove our ignorance and give us knowledge. Who is God? How does he seem? Where does he live? What should we do to achieve his darshan? If this world is evanescent and temporary, why should we be immersed in these day-to-day worldly affairs? Please teach us the secrets behind these seemingly irreconcilable facts.” Baba kindly replied, “I will tell you the answers to these questions on another day. Now you must hasten back to your place at once, without losing even a second.”

One of the devotees who had accompanied Chandorkar was, Ganesh Vishnu Bere. He was the District Agricultural Officer. He had come to Shirdi especially for Baba’s darshan. His sole desire was to spend some time in Baba’s august presence. Chandorkar saluted Baba and conveyed Bere’s desire to him. Baba said, “Whatever be the reason for your coming here, you must leave at once. Do not tarry a second. Do not waste any more time. Go post-haste to Kopargaon in a horse cart for your train.” Chandorkar and Bere had full faith in Baba’s words. They left immediately for Kopargaon in a horse-cart. They hurried the driver of the cart and asked him to drive the horse faster so as to obey Baba’s instructions to the letter. On the way, they passed another horse cart wending its way at a leisurely pace. The occupants cried out, “What is your hurry, relax and let the horse go a little slowly. There is plenty of time for the train. Do not run like a deer trying to escape a tiger.” Bere did not pay any attention to this but asked his cart man to drive the horse even faster. Chandorkar and Bere soon crossed the Godavari River and reached the railway station.

They later came to know that the horse cart, which was coming slowly behind them, was waylaid by highway robbers. Not only did they lose their money but had suffered injuries too as they were beaten by the thugs. The police too had enquired into the matter. Bere was thankful to Baba on hearing this news. He prayed in his mind, “Oh Sadguru, you have saved me, your child. Now I understood why you hurried us and made us leave immediately.” He mentally thanked Baba whole heartedly for saving him from harm.


(SRI SAI GURUCHARITRA – by devotee Ganpatrao Dattatreya Sahasra-buddhe better known as Das Ganu Maharaj)



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