TIRUMANTIRAM – TANTRA EIGHT – Verses 2633 to 2648 of 2648


English translation of the Tamil Spiritual Classic by Saint Tirumular

TANTRA EIGHT – Verses 2633 to 2648 of 2648


2633: Jiva’s Task is to Seek Him

Receiving in full the Grace of Lord in Mukti State,

Purified of Tattvas, the Suddha State attaining,

To perform Tapas thus is Jiva’s task;

And so rid of Karmas, in devotion true they stand;

They indeed the Jnanis

In transcendental bliss immersed.


2634: Jiva-Bird Seeks Siva-Fruit

The Jiva-Bird,

With its feet planted firm (on Muladhara),

Seeks the Rich Fruit (that is Siva);

When within the heart that Fruit it seeks,

Lighting the Sushumna lamp

In the Flaming Fire of Kundalini within,

It reaches its goodly goal;

Its four cognitive organs,

Ever seek Him thereafter.



2635: Divine Experiment

The Mighty Lord, the Great Nandi,

Granted me His Feet of indescribable Bliss;

And in Ocean of Grace immersed me;

Freeing me from illusions all,

And secretly guarding me in safety,

He bore me to the holy banks of Silentness

That indeed was an Experiment Divine.


2636: Seeking Union in God

He is the Wise One;

He fills Vedas rare;

He is the God of countless Gods;

He is of Divine Sense possessed,

The five senses transcending;

With Him who these attributes has

I my union seek.


2637: Dividing Line Between Knowledge and Ignorance

“Jnana, Jnana,” thus laments this world,

They know not that Jnana of Jiva

Is Jnana none, but (ignorance);

When Siva Jnana overlays Jiva Jnana,

They both Pure Jnana are;

Thus much is it after all,

Between Knowledge and Ignorance.


2638: Merge in God’s Pervasiveness

Into the Goal beyond goals,

Into the Assembly where none assemble,

Into the Knowledge beyond knowledge,

I loosened myself,

In single-minded thought;

I merged in Holy Nandi’s Grace,

There in Pervasiveness beyond pervasiveness

Was Siva.


2639: Lord is Immanent

As feel within breeze,

As sweet within sugarcane,

As ghee within milk,

As juice within fruit,

As fragrance within flower,

Immanent is my Lord;

Thus does the Lord pervade all.


2640: Lord is Unto a Hidden Vein of Gold

Seek Siva in love endearing;

As unto the vein of gold

In recesses of a mountain,

My Lord in my thoughts abides;

He Who as Form of Fire stood.


2641: Lord is in the Heart’s Temple

Seated in the center of Void,

Nandi descended into my heart’s temple,

And there his place took;

And as He descended,

I stood up saying: “My Father Come;”

Thus as I greeted,

Siva in my thoughts instant stood.


2642: Lord Will Make You First of Many

He is of attributes mighty;

The Fruit of Tapas;

All things goodly He is;

In the center of my thoughts He resides;

He is the Great Nandi;

Seek the Holy One in truth unfaltering,

He will place you as the First of Many.


2643: I Found Love Within Me

He was with me

As I searched Him within me;

And continuous there He stood;

My Father, Paraparan,

Pervasive He stands;

And transcending beyond too,

He shows me the Way.


2644: He is Father, Mother, Kith and Kin

He who shows that Way

Is rare for Celestials to reach;

Here below,

Is He as Father, Mother, Kith and Kin;

He is in Siva Loka

The Holy Way leads to;

This the Way, Nandi is.


2645: Unsheath the Sword of Jnana

Unsheath the Sword of Jnana and smite;

That instant you shall know Lord;

Unite in Him,

Who the Lord of Celestials is;

Away then shall you be

From the rabble numerous

That to desire cling.


2646: Be not Separated from Lord

Holding the Sword of Jnana

That Primal Lord gifted me,

None there is to separate me (from Him);

Search did I there further

Leaving traces none;

Then Jiva with Primal Siva one became.


2647: Search Lord in Calmness

Pasa, that seminal seed of birth

Maya, that invisible one,

Karma, that to desire gives birth,

The doubts and fears

That in their train come,

The births numerous,

-All these I scorched;

Thus my thoughts purified,

In calmness I search;

The skilful ones that practise thus

Shall one with Tat-Para be.


2648: Tat-Para Enters Within Jiva

He taught me

The word that is beyond words;

He severed my desires

For learning limitless;

My body, restless as waves,

He in calmness fixed;

In my purified being within

He, the Tatpara, entered.





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