Baba said, “When the front door was open, why go by the back one? When the heart is pure, there is no difficulty, whatsoever. Why should one be afraid of any one if there be no evil thought in us?” in Sri Sai Satcharitra, Ch. XLIX.


The old king of Porbander had just died, and his eldest son, a young man, ascended the throne. The new monarch had a long way to go, for little did he know of the sacred trusts and responsibilities that a king holds.

One day, at a function in the palace, he saw a beautiful girl. He was so smitten by her charms then he summoned his minister and said to him, “I want that girl to be brought to my palace tonight. Take my palanquin and see that you do the needful.”

The minister was shocked. Never ever had such a thing been heard of in the royal family of Porbander. How could a king, who was like a father to his subjects, make such a demand to his minister? How could the minister disobey his erring sovereign?

The minister, a wise and upright man, sought an audience with the Raj Mata. He placed his difficulty before her and earnestly entreated her to guide him.

The Raj Mata, too, was profoundly shocked.

However, she said to the minister, “Let the king’s palanquin be sent to me tonight. I shall handle this problem myself!”

The young king was carried away with the lustful excitement of meeting the beautiful girl. He paced up and down the hall of his palace, awaiting the arrival of his palanquin. When it finally arrived outside his room, he dismissed all the attendants. With great expectations, he advanced the palanquin and drew aside the curtains to behold the beauteous maiden who had so fascinated him.

Imagine his horror and guilt, when his lustful eyes beheld the form of his own mother! The king was paralyzed with shame and fear!

In sorrow and anger, the Raj Mata said to him, “My son! How could you have stooped to such a level? Your deed would have brought shame and ignominy upon our family. It would have been a terrible blot upon the history of our kingdom. Your ancestors would have shed tears over you. Never ever let such a thought enter your mind again!”

Overwhelmed by grief and shame, the young king fell at his mother’s feet and promised that he would live up to the great ideals set by his forefathers.



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