TIRUMANTIRAM – TANTRA EIGHT – Verses 2546 to 2565 of 2648

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English translation of the Tamil Spiritual Classic by Saint Tirumular

TANTRA EIGHT – Verses 2546 to 2565 of 2648



2546 Mystery of Lord’s Abode

At the tip of nose (Ajna Center)

Is the breath, twelve finger-breadth long,

That Lord’s abode is;

None knows this;

The Vedas that in expansiveness truths expound,

Of this was hesitant to speak;

Such indeed is Lord’s greatness.


2547 Away From Karmas

The Karmas,

The thoughts rights and deeds of Karmas

Are alike the seeds of births to be;

Seeing that,

Away from them;

Will what you do ever after

Reach the Karma Pond?


2548 Make Maya Vanish

When Maya veils Jiva,

The Truth of Vedas remains hidden;

When Maya leaves,

The Truth of Himself reveals;

Those who can make Maya vanish

Merge in God;

No more is body; no more is mind.


2549 Kecari Mudra in Kundalini Yoga

Coursing the Prana Stream into the Eye-brow Center

And opening the uvula cavity

Where phlegm gathers,

Stilling the breath there

In the way Yoga Guru taught,

And warming it in the Fire (Kundalini) within

And restraining it to a measure low

Is to attain divine strength indeed.


2550 Lord is Within; Seek Him not Elsewhere

He who is in the Body-mix

He who rules the Body-Land,

He who within the body beams

He, the Nandi,

Him they seek in lands all;

They know not,

He within the body stands.


2551 Mystery of Muladhara

“Unclean, unclean,” the ignorant say

They know not the place “unclean” is,

When they know the (Yogic) mysteries

Of that place “unclean”

Then shall they find,

The human birth itself is unclean.


2552 Muladhara is not Unclean

Uncleanness none is for those

Who ritual discipline observe;

Uncleanness none is for those

Who Hara worship;

Uncleanness none is for those

Who the sacred Fire tend;

Uncleanness none is for those

Who in Vedic Jnana versed are.


2553 When Purity Real Begins

For them that in Yogic Way stand,

Purity in Cranium top begins;

They who are sunk in pit of lust

Will Purity’s goal reach not;

Only those who have sent Muladhara Fire

Up into Central Nadi of Sushumna

Will see Purity Real;

Others cannot.


2554 Lord is Real Pure

He is crystal pure, He is fire pure,

He emanates rays of Purity;

Where His source is, they know not,

They who know the Source,


Crystal pure and fire pure become.


2555 Purity in Silentness

Purity in Silentness is the Way of Purity

Purity in Silentness is Lord’s name;

Purity in Silentness are Siddhis eight;

Purity in Silentness are the Holy Feet.


2556 Adore Lord and Receive Grace

The Quintessence of Truth is my Holy Father

Only they who adore Him

Are in His Grace accepted;

The rest,

Caught in whirl of misery,

In dark stupor lie.


2557 Renounce Karma and Be Liberated

They know not evil fruits

Karma brings,

They choose not to find Jnana

For liberation from Karma;

“Renounce Karma and be liberated”

–This Vedic teaching they know not;

They who wallow in Karma

Will never the Rich Harvest reap.



2558 Deny Not God

Those who say,

“There is no Para State to be”

Are for hell state destined;

All world knows this;

They shall begging go from door to door;

With horse’s speed,

In search of food they run.


2559 Follow Guru

They follow not the Way

Guru taught;

They seek not the Holy One;

Indulging in frivolous talk, they wander;

They sing not His holy deeds;

They who thus dance about

What will their desert be?


2560 God Responds to Devotion7Into my thoughts He comes and goes;

In the constancy of my thoughts

I held Him as God;

“You my Holy Lord!”

Thus I besought Him;

And in my heart I held Him close;

“What is this here?” He asks.


12561 Lord is the Haven for Soul’s Ship

As water from upland

Downward flows,

Truth in body remains not;

That Truth He in me showed;

As the ship in the seas

That seeks the shores,

To my trouble-tossed soul

The Fire-Hued Lord

As sure goal stood.


2562 They Seek Him Not–The Witless Ones

Continuous as thread within lotus stalk

Is Param within;

Yet they seek Him not there;

But wander about everywhere;

Though the Way to reach Him shown

They see it not;

Fools are they;

They roam about,

Only evil destiny action to reach.


2563 They See Him Not

The light within unkindled

They, their lives, end;

These men gather in crowds

And seek Him not;

In fields, forests and hills

Nandi who is immanent in them,

They see not.


2564 Seek God Within Through Kundalini Yoga

North and South, men wander about seeking Him

East and West, Celestials go about looking for Him,

But fix divine Mantra (Aum)

On to Muladhara,

And rouse (Kundalini) Fire, upward to stream;

There shall you as Radiant Light be.


2565 Men of Evil Fate do not Practise Devotion

Even if men of Tapas great,

With gracious looks entreat

The men of Evil Fate

Do not holy Dharana practise

They indulge in angry speech always;

All, all, their intractable Karma,

Themselves have they to undergo.



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