Baba cured the diseases through Shri Purushottam Biharilal Vyas

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Baba cured the diseases through Shri Purushottam Biharilal Vyas, Kandwa NP.


When Shri Seetharam (Kakaeaheb) Dixit came to Kandwa, he met Purushottam Biharilal Vyas. He worked in all the Sansthans. He heard through him about Baba. But he was not able to go to Shirdi. When he was in Bhuj, he came to Kandwa to see his bedridden son. At that time, in his dream he got a vision that a man was on a horse and the man told him “that a Government order had come to you to go to Shirdi” during Guru Poornima and enjoy the festival. After Guru Poornima he retured to his house during night. Baba in the dream of his daughter ordered her to open the gate as her father was coming.

When he was in Bhuj a brahmin child in the neighbour’s house was very danger and his mother was weeping for him. Baba ordered him to tie a talisman and he gone to his neighbour’s house and with their consent tied a talisman on the neck of the child. After this incident the child completely cured in 3 days. Like this he tied talisman in Baba’s name for several cases. Baba cured all the cases. Apart from this, his brother-in-law’s calves used to die after delivery and that the cow gave no milk. He tied a talisman to the cow and the cow yielded a calf and began to give plenty of milk and the calf also survived. When he was in Kandwa, he used to worship Baba’s photo in the upper floor of his house. Madhava Rao (Shama) came to his place at that time. He slept in the ground central hall in day time. In his dream, Baba was going upstairs. Shama asked Baba, “Deva, where are you going ?” Baba replied “Don’t you know ? I am here in the upstair” Then Shama understood that Baba’s photo was in the upstairs.


Surrender Shri Sat Completely I Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there II


(Ambrosia in Shirdi – Stories after Baba’s Mahasamadhi on 15-10-1918 – Written by Ramalinga Swamy, Ambrosia-28)



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